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EAST LIVERPOOL OH- In a heart-pounding football clash, East Liverpool emerged victorious with a thrilling 17-14 win over Edison, sealed by a dramatic walk-off…


In the world of high school volleyball, certain names stand out as game-changers, and Alexandra Ash of the Edison Wildcats is undoubtedly one of them.…


EAST LIVERPOOL, OH- Beaver Local Senior, Michael McKenzie has made an impact on every blade of grass, every splinter of flooring, every speck of dirt that…
09-29-2023Football@ East Liverpool
03-31-2023Baseballvs Beaver Local
03-30-2023Softballvs United
01-20-2023Boy's Basketball@ Beaver Local
01-03-2022Boy's Basketball@ East Palestine
12-30-2022Boy's Basketball@ Southern Local
12-20-2022Boy's Basketball@ Columbiana
12-12-2022Girl's Basketball@ Beaver Local
09-30-2022Footballvs East Liverpool
09-19-2022Volleyball@ Beaver Local
09-10-2022Football@ Mathews
04-01-2022Baseball@ Beaver Local
03-30-2022Baseballvs East Liverpool
03-29-2022Baseballvs East Liverpool
02-14-2022Girl's Basketball@ Beaver Local
02-11-2022Boy's Basketballvs Bridgeport
02-10-2022Boy's Basketballvs Jefferson County Chrisitan
02-08-2022Girl's Basketballvs Heartland Christian
02-02-2022Wrestlingvs Weirton/Southern Local
02-01-2022Jr. High Boy's Basketballvs Indian Creek
01-31-2022Girl's Basketballvs Weirton
01-29-2022Boy's Basketballvs Martins Ferry
01-26-2022Jr. High Boy's Basketballvs Steubenville Catholic Central
01-21-2022Boy's Basketballvs Beaver Local
01-15-2022Jr. High Boy's Basketballvs Buckeye Local
01-13-2022Jr. High Boy's Basketballvs Beaver Local
01-11-2022Boy's Basketballvs Harrison
01-10-2022Girl's Basketballvs East Liverpool
01-07-2022Boy's Basketball@ East Liverpool
01-05-2022Girl's Basketballvs Buckeye Local
01-04-2022Wrestlingvs Wellsville
01-03-2022JH Girl's Basketballvs East Liverpool
12-30-2021Girl's Basketballvs Indian Creek
12-23-2021Boy's Basketball@ Wellsville
12-22-2021Girl's Basketball@ Wellsville
12-22-2021Jr High Girl's Basketballvs Catholic Central
12-20-2021Jr High Girl's Basketballvs Harrison
12-16-2021Girl's Basketballvs Indian Creek
12-14-2021Boy's Basketball@ Beaver Local
12-09-2021Girl's Basketball@ East Liverpool
11-30-2021Boy's Basketballvs East Liverpool
10-01-2021Football@ East Liverpool
09-16-2021Football@ Beaver Local
05-10-2021Softballvs Barnesville
03-29-2021Baseball@ East Liverpool
02-12-2021Boy's Basketballvs Buckeye Local
02-11-2021Wrestlingvs Indian Creek, Cambridge, Shadyside
02-08-2021Girl's Basketballvs Soutern Local
02-08-2021JH Boy's Basketballvs Beaver Local
02-06-2021Boy's Basketballvs Wellsville
02-05-2021Boy's Baskletballvs Claymont
02-02-2021Boy's Baskletballvs Beaver Local
01-30-2021Girl's Basketballvs Steubenville CC
01-29-2021Boy's Basketballvs Toronto
01-27-2021Boy's Basketballvs Monroe Central
01-27-2021JV Boy's Basketballvs Monroe Central
01-26-2021JH Boys' Basketballvs Buckeye Local
01-25-2021Boy's Basketballvs Steubenville CC
01-23-2021Wrestlingvs Toronto/Bellaire
01-22-2021Boy's Basketballvs Beaver Local
01-22-2021JH Boy's Basketballvs Steubenville CC
01-21-2021Girl's Basketballvs Martin's Ferry
01-19-2021Boy's Basketballvs Wellsville
01-15-2021Boy's Basketballvs Indian Creek
01-14-2021Girl's Basketballvs Beaver Local
01-13-2021Girl's Basketball@ Heartland Christian
01-13-2021Wrestlingvs East Liverpool/Bridgeport
01-12-2021JH Boy's Basketballvs East Liverpool
01-09-2021Boy's Basketballvs Steubenville
01-09-2021JH Boy's Basketballvs Harrison
01-08-2021Boy's Basketballvs East Liverpool
01-07-2021Girl's Basketballvs Conotton Valley
01-05-2021Boy's Basketballvs St. Clairsville
01-04-2021Girl's Basketballvs Buckeye Local
01-02-2021Girl's Basketballvs Toronto
12-29-2020JH/HS Wrestlingvs Minerva/Southern/Wellsville
12-22-2020Junior High Boy's Basketballvs Indian Creek (Game 2)
12-22-2020Junior High Boy's Basketballvs Indian Creek (Game 1)
12-22-2020Wrestlingvs Steubenville/Southern
12-19-2020Junior High Girl's Basketballvs East Liverpool
12-12-2020Junior High Girl's Basketballvs Beaver Local
12-10-2020Girl's Basketballvs East Liverpool
12-07-2020Swimmingvs Steubenville
12-05-2020Boy's Basketballvs Conotton Valley
11-25-2020Girl's Basketballvs Harrison Central
11-06-2020Football@ Lisbon
10-23-2020Footballvs Wellsville
10-10-2020Footballvs Akron Manchester
10-02-2020Footballvs East Liverpool
10-01-2020Volleyballvs East Liverpool
09-29-2020Volleyballvs Toronto
09-25-2020Footballvs Beaver Local
09-24-2020Volleyballvs Buckeye Local
09-18-2020Footballvs Steubenville CC
09-15-2020Volleyballvs St. Clairsville
09-10-2020Volleyballvs Indian Creek
09-04-2020Football@ Connotton Valley
08-24-2020Volleyball@ Wellsville
02-19-2020Wrestlingvs Harrison
02-18-2020Boys Basketballvs Steubenville
02-11-2020Boys Basketballvs Bellaire
02-06-2020Girls Basketballvs Magnolia
02-06-2020Wrestlingvs Cuyahoga Falls
02-01-2020Buckeye 8 Boys Basketball ChampionshipsEast Liverpool vs St. Clairsville
02-01-2020Buckeye 8 Boys Basketball ChampionshipsBeaver Local vs Martins Ferry
02-01-2020Buckeye 8 Boys Basketball ChampionshipsUnion Local vs Buckeye Local
02-01-2020Buckeye 8 Boys Basketball ChampionshipsEdison vs Harrison Central
02-01-2020Buckeye 8 Boys Basketball ChampionshipsIndian Creek vs Bellaire
01-27-2020Girls Basketballvs Cambridge
01-25-2020Boys Basketballvs Union Local
01-21-2020Boys Basketballvs Steubenville CC
01-20-2020Girls Basketballvs Conotton Valley
01-17-2020Boys Basketballvs Beaver Local
01-16-2020Girls Basketball@ Beaver Local
01-14-2020Boys Basketballvs Weir
01-13-2020Girls Basketballvs East Liverpool
01-03-2020Boys Basketball@ East Liverpool
01-02-2020Girls Basketballvs Indian Creek
12-30-2019Girls Basketball vs Wellsville
12-21-2019Boys Basketballvs Toronto
12-21-2019Girls Basketballvs Toronto
12-19-2019Girls Basketballvs Beaver Local
12-17-2019Boys Basketball@ Beaver Local
12-16-2019Girls Basketball@ East Liverpool
12-14-2019Boys Basketballvs Southern
12-14-2019Girls Basketballvs Southern
12-10-2019Boys Basketballvs Indian Creek
12-09-2019Girls Basketballvs Buckeye Local
12-03-2019Boys Basketballvs East Liverpool
12-02-2019Girls Basketballvs Harrison
11-01-2019Footballvs Indian Creek
10-25-2019Footballvs Buckeye Local
10-18-2019Footballvs Weirton
10-11-2019Football@ East Liverpool
10-09-2019Volleyballvs Weir
10-05-2019Volleyballvs Oak Glen
10-04-2019Footballvs Oak Glen
10-03-2019Volleyballvs Martins Ferry
09-27-2019Football@ Beaver Local
09-23-2019Volleyballvs Indian Creen
09-21-2019Footballvs Catholic Central
09-13-2019Footballvs Toronto
09-09-2019Volleyballvs East Liverpool
09-06-2019Football@ Wellsville
08-30-2019Footballvs Southern Local
08-29-2019Volleyballvs Buckeye Local