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AKRON, OH-  Orange tennis teams have been making waves, and this year's D2 Akron district tournament was no exception. For the third time in four years,…


PEPPER PIKE, OH- Last year, the Lions from Orange High School endured a tough loss against Cardinal Mooney, but this time around, they turned the tables…


PEPPER PIKE: in a game that can only be described as a rollercoaster, Orange High School staged a massive comeback against their rivals in Chagrin Falls,…
05-09-2024Boy's Lacrossevs Cleveland Heights
04-30-2024Boy's Lacrossevs Keystone
04-29-2024Girl's Lacrossevs West Geauga
04-20-2024Boy's Lacrossevs Mentor
04-09-2024Boy's Lacrossevs Kirtland
04-01-2024Girl's Lacrossevs Glen Oak
03-20-2024Boy's Lacrossevs NDCL
03-18-2024Boy's Lacrossevs Willoughby
02-15-2024Girl's Basketballvs Shaw
02-12-2024Boy's Basketballvs Bard Early College
02-12-2024JV Boy's Basketballvs Bard Early College
02-09-2024Boy's Basketballvs Hawken
02-09-2024JV Boy's Basketballvs Hawken
02-07-2024Girl's Basketballvs Fuchs Mizrachi
02-05-2024Girl's Basketballvs Eastlake
02-05-2024JV Girl's Basketballvs Eastlake
02-01-2024JV Boy's Basketballvs Shaw
02-01-2024JV Girl's Basketballvs Kirtland
01-31-2024Girl's Basketballvs Hawken
01-29-2024Girl's Basketballvs East Tech
01-26-2024Swimmingvs Chagrin Falls
01-24-2024Boy's Basketballvs West Geauga
01-24-2024JV Boy's Basketballvs West Geauga
01-18-2024Girl's Basketballvs Chagrin Falls
01-18-2024Swimmingvs Fairview
01-13-2024Boy's Basketballvs John Marshall
01-13-2024JV Boy's Basketballvs John Marshall
01-11-2024Swimmingvs Eastlake North / Cuyahoga Heights
01-10-2024Girl's Basketballvs West Geauga
01-10-2024JV Girl's Basketballvs West Geauga
01-09-2024Swimmingvs Padua
01-06-2024Boy's Basketballvs Beachwood
01-03-2024Girl's Basketballvs Cornerstone Christian
12-21-2023Girl's Basketballvs Harvey
12-15-2023Girl's Basketballvs Richmond Heights
12-15-2023JV Girl's Basketballvs Richmond Heights
12-12-2023Boy's Basketballvs Midview
12-09-2023Boy's Basketballvs Cleveland JFK
12-06-2023Boy's Basketballvs Fuchs Mizrachi
12-02-2023Girl's Basketballvs Mineral Ridge
12-01-2023Boy's Basketballvs Warrendale
10-20-2023Footballvs West Geauga
10-14-2023Boy's Soccervs Bay
10-13-2023Footballvs Lutheran West
10-12-2023Volleyballvs Perry
10-12-2023Girl's Soccervs Wickliffe
10-07-2023Boy's Soccervs Hoban
10-05-2023Volleyballvs Chagrin Falls
10-05-2023Boy's Soccervs Benedictine
10-02-2023Field Hockeyvs Shaker Heights
09-30-2023Boy's Soccervs Normandy
09-29-2023Footballvs Perry
09-27-2023Field Hockeyvs Stow
09-26-2023Girl's Soccervs Berkshire
09-23-2023Girl's Soccervs Hubbard
09-23-2023Volleyballvs Mineral Ridge
09-21-2023Volleyballvs West Geauga
09-21-2023Boy's Soccervs CVCA
09-21-2023Girl's Soccervs Hawken
09-20-2023Field Hockeyvs Hudson
09-19-2023Boy's Soccervs Lutheran West
09-14-2023Volleyballvs Hawken
09-14-2023Football@ Madison
09-14-2023Boy's Soccervs Akron SVSM
09-14-2023Volleyball@ Austintown Fitch
09-12-2023Volleyballvs Harvey
09-09-2023Volleyballvs Euclid
09-09-2023Girl's Soccervs Lakeside
09-08-2023Footballvs Lakeside
09-07-2023Girl's Soccervs West Geauga
09-05-2023Boy's Soccervs West Geauga
08-31-2023Girl's Soccervs Lutheran West
08-31-2023Field Hockeyvs Hathaway Brown
08-30-2023Girl's Soccervs Western Reserve Academy
08-30-2023Volleyballvs Beachwood
08-25-2023Footballvs Mineral Ridge
08-22-2023Volleyballvs Wickliffe
08-19-2023Boy's Soccer@ Hubbard
05-12-2023Girl's Lacrossevs Boardman
05-06-2023Boy's Lacrossevs Glen Oak
05-05-2023Boy's Lacrossevs Canfield
05-03-2023Girl's Lacrossevs St. Vincent St. Mary
05-02-2023Boy's Lacrossevs Willoughby South
05-01-2023Girl's Lacrossevs Beaumont
04-27-2023Girl's Lacrossevs Painesville Riverside
04-26-2023Boy's Lacrossevs Cleveland Heights
02-24-2023Boy's Basketball@ Chaney
02-21-2023Boy's Basketball@ Poland
02-06-2023Girl's Basketballvs Madison
02-03-2023Boy's Basketballvs Beachwood
02-01-2023Girl's Basketballvs West Geauga
01-27-2023Swimmingvs Chagrin Falls
01-25-2023Girl's Basketballvs Chagrin Falls
01-24-2023Boy's Basketballvs Hawken
01-24-2023JV Boy's Basketballvs Hawken
01-21-2023WrestlingAudrey Genovese Invitational
01-20-2023Boy's Basketballvs Geneva
01-20-2023JV Boy's Basketballvs Geneva
01-18-2023Swimmingvs North Ridgeville
01-12-2023Girl's Basketballvs Eastlake North
01-10-2023Boy's Basketballvs West Geauga
01-07-2023Boy's Basketballvs Perry
01-07-2023SwimmingOrange Invitational
01-06-2023Girl's Basketballvs Geneva
01-03-2022Girl's Basketballvs Beachwood
12-28-2022Boy's Basketballvs Fuchz Mizrachi
12-22-2022Girl's Basketballvs Villa Angela-St. Joseph
12-15-2022Swimmingvs Padua
12-14-2022Boy's Basketballvs Chagrin Falls
12-10-2022Girl's Basketballvs Edgewood
12-09-2022Girl's Basketballvs Perry
12-03-2022Boy's Basketballvs Richmond Heights
12-03-2022Girl's Basketball@ Mineral Ridge
11-30-2022Boy's Basketballvs Lake Ridge Academy
11-23-2022Boy's Basketballvs Eastlake North
11-21-2022Girl's Basketballvs East Technical
10-14-2022Footballvs Lakeside
10-13-2022Boy's Soccervs Madison
10-08-2022Boy's Soccervs Hubbard
10-08-2022JV Footballvs Perry
10-06-2022Volleyballvs Lakeside
10-03-2022Field Hockeyvs Laurel
09-30-2022Footballvs West Geauga
09-27-2022Field Hockeyvs Hawken
09-23-2022Footballvs Geneva
09-22-2022Girl's Soccervs Kirtland
09-20-2022Volleyballvs Beachwood
09-19-2022Field Hockeyvs Magnificat
09-17-2022Boy's Soccervs Lakewood
09-16-2022Footballvs Chagrin Falls
09-15-2022Boy's Soccervs Mayfield
09-15-2022JV Boy's Soccervs Mayfield
09-13-2022Volleyballvs Edgewood
09-08-2022Boy's Soccervs Beachwood
09-08-2022Girl's Soccervs Notre Dame Cathedral Latin
09-07-2022Volleyballvs Brush
09-02-2022Footballvs John Hay
09-01-2022Volleyballvs Hawken
08-31-2022Boy's Soccervs Painsville Harvey
08-31-2022JV Boy's Soccervs Painsville Harvey
08-26-2022Football@ Mineral Ridge