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EAST PALESTINE, OH- You've been able to see the progression all season, and on Friday the East Palestine Bulldogs were able to reflect on more than just…


LISBON OH- Lisbon demonstrated their skill and teamwork, securing a conference sweep of East Palestine. With set scores of 25-13, 25-23, and 25-18, Lisbon…


COLUMBIANA OH- In a display of sheer dominance, the Columbiana volleyball team continued their unbeaten streak with a resounding conference sweep of East…

11-15-2021Basketball5th and 6th Grade (@ Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse)
11-15-2021Basketball3rd and 4th Grade (@ Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse)
07-31-2020BaseballEast Palestine vs Springfield
01-12-2019BasketballEndia Wisser Photograpy vs Gorby's (Girls)
01-12-2019BasketballJasar Recycling vs Covington Skilled Nursing
01-12-2019BasketballCozza's Pizza vs Masonic Lodge
01-12-2019BasketballMcDonald's vs Gorby's (Boys)
01-12-2019BasketballCompco Industries vs Dilworth Electric
01-12-2019BasketballBrittain Motors vs Tom's Tires
01-12-2019BasketballMontgomery Real Estate vs Tenos on Taggert
01-05-2019BasketballGorby's (Girls) vs Jasar Recycling
01-05-2019BasketballCovington Skilled Nursing vs Endia Wisser Photography
01-05-2019BasketballCozza's Pizza vs McDonalds
01-05-2019BasketballGorby's (Boys) vs Masonic Lodge
01-05-2019BasketballDilworth Electric vs Brittain Motors
01-05-2019BasketballCompco Industries vs Tenos on Taggert
01-05-2019BasketballTom's Tires vs Montgomery Real Estate
12-29-2018BasketballCovington Skilled Nursing vs Gorby's (Girls)
12-29-2018BasketballMasonic Lodge vs McDonald's
12-29-2018BasketballGorby's (Boys) vs Cozza's Pizza
12-29-2018BasketballTom's Tires vs Brittain Motors
12-29-2018BasketballTenos on Taggart vs Dilworth Electric
12-29-2018BasketballMontgomery Real Estate vs Compco Industries
12-22-2018BasketballEndia Wisser Photography vs Gorby's (Girls)
12-22-2018BasketballCovington Skilled Nursing vs Jasar Recycling
12-22-2018BasketballCozza's Pizza vs Masonic Lodge
12-22-2018BasketballGorby's (Boys) vs McDonald's
12-22-2018BasketballDilworth Electric vs Tom's Tires
12-22-2018BasketballBrittain Motors vs Compco Industries
12-22-2018BasketballMontgomery Real Estate vs Tenos on Taggart
12-15-2018BasketballGorby's (Girls) vs Jasar Recycling
12-15-2018BasketballEndia Wisser Photograpy vs Covington Skilled Nursing
12-15-2018BasketballMcDonald's vs Cozza's Pizza
12-15-2018BasketballMasonic Lodge vs Gorby's (Boys)
12-15-2018BasketballCompco Industries vs Dilworth Electric
12-15-2018BasketballTom's Tires vs Tenos on Taggart
12-15-2018BasketballBrittain Motors vs Montgomery Real Estate
12-09-2018BasketballCovington Skilled Nursing vs Gorby's (Girls)
12-09-2018BasketballMasonic Lodge vs McDonald's
12-09-2018BasketballGorby's (Boys) vs Cozza's Pizza
12-09-2018BasketballTom's Tire vs Brittain Motors
12-09-2018BasketballTenos on Taggart vs Dilworth Electric
12-09-2018BasketballMontgomery Real Estate vs Compco Industries
12-01-2018BasketballGorby's (Girls) vs Jasar Recycling
12-01-2018BasketballCovington Skilled Nursing vs Endia Wisser Photography
12-01-2018BasketballCozza's Pizza vs McDonald's
12-01-2018BasketballGorby's (Bosy) vs Masonic Lodge
12-01-2018BasketballDillworth Electric vs Brittain Motors
12-01-2018BasketballTom's Tires vs Compco Industries
12-01-2018BasketballTenos on Taggart vs Montgomery Real Estate
11-24-2018BasketballEndia Wisser Photography vs Jasar Recycling
11-24-2018BasketballCovington vs Gorby's (Girls)
11-24-2018BasketballMasonic Lodge vs McDonald's
11-24-2018BasketballGorby's (Boys) vs Cozza's Pizza
11-24-2018BasketballTenos vs Brittain Motors
11-24-2018BasketballCompco vs Dillworth Electric
11-24-2018BasketballMontgomery vs Tom's Tires
06-07-2018BaseballEast Palestine vs South Range 8u
06-06-2018BaseballEast Palestine vs South Range 10u
05-23-2018BaseballEast Palestine vs East Liverpool 10u
05-18-2018BaseballEast Palestine vs Lisbon
05-12-2018BaseballEast Palestine vs Columbiana
04-15-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)Poland vs West Mayfield
04-15-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)Springfield vs Edison Power (Gray)
04-15-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)Edison Power (Gray) vs Riverside
04-15-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)Poland vs River Valley Renegades
04-14-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)EP Simon Auto vs New Brighton
04-14-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)Mohawk vs West Mayfield
04-14-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)Edison Power (Blue) vs Ambridge
04-14-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)EP Simon Auto vs Springfield
04-14-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)West Mayfield vs River Valley Renegades
04-14-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)Edison Power (Black) vs EP Gorby's
04-14-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)New Brighton vs Blackhawk (Audio Only)
04-14-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)Edison Power (Gray) vs New Brighton
(Partial broadcast due to weather concerns)
04-14-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)Blackhawk vs Edison Power (White)
04-14-2018Baseball (Early Bird Tournament)Springfield vs Edison Power (Blue)
12-23-2017BasketballVDSR vs Dog's on the Run
12-23-2017BasketballDick's vs DDTA
12-23-2017BasketballCovington vs Montgomery Real Estate
12-23-2017BasketballCozza's vs McDonald's
12-23-2017BasketballMartin's Auto Body vs Mason Lodge
12-23-2017BasketballGorby's vs Compco
12-09-2017BasketballCozza's vs Gorby's
12-09-2017BasketballCompco vs McDonald's
12-09-2017BasketballMartin's Auto Body vs Covington
12-09-2017BasketballMason Lodge vs Montgomery Real Estate
12-02-2017BasketballDDTA vs Dick's
12-02-2017BasketballMason's vs Martin's Auto Body
12-02-2017BasketballMongomery Real Estate vs Covington
12-02-2017BasketballGorby's vs Compco
12-02-2017BasketballCozza's vs McDonald's
12-02-2017BasketballVDSR vs Dogs on the Run
11-25-2017BasketballCovington vs Mason Lodge
11-25-2017BasketballDick's vs Dogs on the Run
11-25-2017BasketballDDTA vs VDSR
11-25-2017BasketballGorby's vs McDonald's
11-25-2017BasketballCozza's vs Compco
11-25-2017BasketballMontgomery Real Estate vs Martin's Auto Body
11-18-2017BasketballCovington vs Martin's Auto Body
11-18-2017BasketballMongomery Real Estate vs Mason Lodge
11-18-2017BasketballCompco vs Mcdonalds
11-18-2017BasketballDDTA vs Dogs on the Run
11-18-2017BasketballDick's vs VDSR
11-18-2017BasketballCozza's vs Gorby's