LOUISVILLE, KY-  The YSN podcast recently released the third episode of the “YSU Coach’s Corner” featuring Youngstown State University baseball coach Dan Bertolini. The conversation took place in Louisville, Kentucky, where the team was scheduled to play.

During the podcast, Coach Bertolini discussed the team’s optimistic outlook despite a slow start to the season. He emphasized the importance of scheduling games against top-tier teams like Louisville and Georgia Tech to prepare the players for league competitions. He highlighted the potential they have and the need to make adjustments based on the information gathered from such challenging games.

Bertolini also touched on the team’s leadership, pointing out players who have stepped up on and off the field. The importance of motivation, positive reinforcement, and learning from experiences were key topics of the discussion. Moreover, he elaborated on the impact of technology in baseball, specifically addressing the use of innovative devices for calling plays and managing the running game.

The podcast concluded with a light-hearted discussion about the team’s culinary experiences while on the road, with Coach Bertolini sharing his enthusiasm for local cuisines.

In this insightful and engaging episode, Coach Bertolini provided a behind-the-scenes look at the YSU baseball team, their mindset, and the strategies they employ both on and off the field.