NORTH JACKSON, OH-  In the latest episode of YSN’s Coach’s Corner, host DJ Yokley sat down with the head basketball coach of the Jackson Milton Lady Blue Jay basketball team, Jeff Wilson. The conversation was centered around the team’s recent victory in the sectional win and the challenges they’ve faced over the years.

The interview highlighted the triumphs and struggles of the team, shedding light on their journey to success. Coach Wilson shared his pride and joy for the hardworking kids and the thrill of experiencing a varsity tournament win for the first time as a head coach.

Throughout the interview, Wilson expressed gratitude for the unwavering support from the Jackson Milton community, parents, and the school administration. He emphasized the importance of perseverance and embracing challenges, drawing from his personal experiences to impart valuable life lessons to his players and his children.

Despite the adversity faced, Coach Wilson’s determination and commitment to the team were evident as he reflected on the progress and growth of the players, emphasizing the importance of attitude, effort, and maintaining a positive mindset.

As the episode concluded, the interview revealed not only the coach’s dedication to the game but also the profound impact he has made on the lives of the players and the community.

The podcast episode served as a fitting tribute to the coach, acknowledging his resilience and leadership, and inspiring those who listened to persevere through life’s challenges.

The Jackson Milton Lady Blue Jay basketball team’s victory stands as a testament to their perseverance, hard work, and the unwavering support of their coach.



YOUNGSTOWN, OH-  In a recent episode of YSN’s “Youngstown State University Baseball Coach’s Corner,” Coach Dan Bertolini provided insights into the Youngstown State University (YSU) baseball penguins’ recent road trip to Texas State. Despite coming up short in the three-game series, Coach Bertolini emphasized the valuable experience gained by the team, particularly for the younger and newer players.

Reflecting on the Texas trip, Coach Bertolini highlighted the significance of the opening weekend as a learning experience for the team. He noted the challenges faced by the players, including nerves and adapting to the Division One level, while also acknowledging the positive aspects of the games, such as the performance of some of the younger pitchers and defensive plays.

When discussing the team’s offensive performance, Coach Bertolini acknowledged the need for improvement and emphasized the importance of gaining experience and making adjustments as the season progresses. He pointed out areas for growth, including being more aggressive in scoring positions and refining the team’s offensive approach.

Looking ahead to the upcoming series against the College of Charleston, Coach Bertolini expressed expectations of a challenging matchup against a well-coached and competitive team. He emphasized the team’s focus on utilizing the information gathered from each series to continually improve and prepare for competition in the conference.

Beyond the discussion of baseball, Coach Bertolini also shared insights into his personal routine and reflected on passages from the Bible that hold special meaning for him.

As the YSU baseball penguins gear up for the next series, Coach Bertolini’s reflections provide a glimpse into the team’s mindset and the ongoing commitment to growth and improvement as they navigate the season.

Overall, Coach Bertolini’s insights offer a valuable perspective on the team’s journey, revealing the dedication and determination guiding the YSU baseball penguins as they continue their season.



COLUMBIANA, OH-  The anticipation is mounting as the Curbstone Coaches prepare for their highly anticipated annual banquet, scheduled to take place on May 5th at Mr. Anthony’s. This year’s event promises to be the biggest yet, featuring an impressive lineup of Hall of Fame inductees and a special guest speaker from CBS Sports.

Gene Sterator, a former NFL official and current CBS Sports analyst, will take the stage as the guest speaker. With his expertise in referee analytics and extensive NFL experience, Sterator is poised to deliver compelling insights about officiating and the dynamics of the game. His address is expected to be particularly engaging given the current landscape of sports, including Ohio’s sports betting developments.

Attendees can anticipate an evening of celebration and recognition as the Curbstone Coaches honor a distinguished group of inductees, including Sean Durkin, Terry O’Halloran, Joe Harmon, Bob Larica, Bill Metzinger, Bret Powell, Cheryl Weaver, Ken Kimmerer, and Kelly Pavlick, among others.

The banquet serves as the Curbstone Coaches’ sole fundraiser for the year, supporting various charitable initiatives. With a range of ticket and advertising options available, community members and businesses alike have the opportunity to contribute and show their support for the organization’s charitable efforts.

Bob Camardo, one of the hosts of the YSN podcast “Catching the Curb,” assures attendees that the banquet promises an enjoyable evening for all. The dress code is flexible, and tickets can be purchased individually or as part of a table. With a sumptuous buffet, captivating speeches, and recognitions from the city of Youngstown and the state of Ohio, the night is set to be unforgettable for sports enthusiasts and supporters of the honorees.

As the event approaches, the Curbstone Coaches extend an invitation to the community to join them in celebrating the outstanding contributions of these sports figures and supporting the organization’s charitable endeavors. With the promise of an enriching evening and the opportunity to recognize local sports legends, the Curbstone Coaches banquet aims to be a highlight of the spring social calendar.

In addition to the banquet excitement, the latest episode of the YSN podcast, “CATCHING THE CURB WITH BOB CAMARDO,” offers listeners an inside look at the Curbstone Coaches’ upcoming speaker lineup and highlights from recent events.

Hosted by DJ Yokley and featuring special guest Chuck Fizet, the episode delves into personal experiences and camaraderie fostered by a mutual love for sports. Fizet emphasizes the organization’s website, www.thecurbstonecoaches.org, as a valuable resource for event information and details about supported charities.

Listeners are treated to an exclusive preview of esteemed speakers scheduled for upcoming events, including YSU bowling coach Doug Kaburski, 21 sports anchor Brittany Bissell, and former NBA and NCAA official Joe DeRosa. The diverse lineup promises engaging stories and insights for all.





BOARDMAN, OH- The Boardman High School Girls Basketball team, led by Head Coach Jeff Hammerton, has clinched the AAC championship, marking an outstanding accomplishment for the team and its dedicated seniors.

Coach Hammerton reflected on the journey, emphasizing the importance of building a strong program and getting players on board at all levels. He praised the significant progress made by the team, underscoring their determination and hard work throughout the season.

The coach acknowledged the fiercely competitive nature of the AAC, highlighting the narrow margins of victory and the grit displayed by each team. Despite facing challenges, the Boardman Ladies Spartans secured an impressive season record, finishing strong amidst tough competition.

Delving into the unique qualities of the senior players, Coach Hammerton expressed deep admiration for each of them. From overcoming injuries to achieving remarkable scoring milestones, the seniors have left an indelible mark on the program.

DJ Yokley, the host of the YSN podcast, commended Coach Hammerton and the team, expressing gratitude for their contributions to high school sports. With the anticipation of playoffs ahead, the Boardman High School Girls Basketball team is poised for further success, fueled by their unwavering determination and collaborative spirit.

The YSN podcast will continue to follow the team’s journey, providing in-depth coverage of their ongoing achievements and the inspiring leadership demonstrated by Coach Hammerton and the players.



SALINEVILLE, OH- In an emotional and compelling episode of the YSN podcast “Southern Local Girls Basketball Coach’s Corner,” host DJ Yokley sat down with the renowned and occasionally polarizing local basketball coach, Mike Skrinjar.

Coach Skrinjar shared his fervent passion for the game and his dedication to his team’s success, describing the intensity that has become his coaching hallmark. He recounted the profound experiences he’s had with his senior players, particularly delving into the struggles that stoke his drive to mentor and inspire.

Mike is no stranger to the spotlight in his hometown, acknowledging the weight of community expectations that come with the job. Yet, he remains undeterred, focusing on the positive impact he can have on his athletes’ lives. In a moving segment, he spoke about the tragic loss of a former player, using the sorrow as motivation to pour his heart into the game and life itself.

One of the spotlight stories Yokley and Skrinjar tackled was that of Ashley Shrodes, a player whose tenacity and skill on the basketball court have largely gone unnoticed. Despite the odds, Ashley’s exceptional scoring and defensive prowesses raised the bar for high school athletes. Her persistence and unparalleled work ethic, often translating to feats in scoring and steals, have solidified her status as an ultimate competitor.

Over the past six years, Coach Skrinjar has overseen and contributed to the profound growth of the Southern Local girls’ basketball program. Challenges have been transformed into lessons in character building and resilience. Yokley lauded Skrinjar’s distinctive coaching techniques, borne from his diverse background as an athlete and educator.

Skrinjar’s philosophy extends beyond the court, as he draws inspiration from figures like Dennis Rodman, advocating for authenticity and the pursuit of greatness in everyone. His coaching quirks, ranging from his sartorial choices to his ritual collection of field dirt, capture the essence of his unique approach.

As the conversation wound down, there was a mutual expression of respect between Coach Skrinjar and host DJ Yokley, closing out an episode that put a spotlight on the local heroes of basketball and the vibrant culture surrounding them.

The podcast ended with both men acknowledging the impact that uplifting figures like Coach Skrinjar have on young athletes, and how their mentorship extends beyond sport, shaping lives for the better in Southern Local and beyond.




BERLIN CENTER, OH- In a recent episode of the YSN podcast, “Western Reserve HSBB Coach’s Corner (Ep 3) with Joe Serensky,” Coach Serensky discusses his team’s recent wins and the impact of his senior players on the basketball program.

Coach Serensky expressed optimism about the team’s recent performance, stating, “We’re gaining ground on guys.” He acknowledged the challenges of changing the team’s playing style mid-season but highlighted the progress and momentum they are building.

Addressing the youthful makeup of the team, Coach Serensky emphasized the long-term vision, noting that the team is not just built for the current season but for the future as well. He mentioned strategically giving opportunities to younger players to assess their potential impact in the upcoming seasons.
One player who received praise from Coach Serensky was Josh Classic, whom he described as a versatile and dedicated athlete with a passion for the game, emphasizing his work ethic and determination to improve.

Speaking about the contributions of senior players, Coach Serensky emphasized their positive impact on the team’s culture and camaraderie, expressing gratitude for their leadership and support for the younger players. He particularly highlighted the selfless and positive attitudes of the senior players in the locker room during challenging moments.

The podcast also touched on Coach Serensky’s personal influences in the world of basketball, citing his father, uncle, and local coach Steve Spees as key figures who inspired his passion for the sport.
The importance of scouting reports in game preparation was another topic discussed, with Coach Serensky emphasizing their significance in developing effective game strategies and adapting to opponents’ styles of play.

The podcast wrapped up with Coach Serensky expressing excitement for upcoming games and sharing his passion for the sport.

Overall, the episode provided insight into Coach Joe Serensky’s perspective on team development, the impact of senior players, and the meticulous preparation that goes into guiding a high school basketball team.




BERLIN CENTER, OH- In a recent episode of the MVR’s Coach’s Corner, head coach Anthony Duffield of the Western Reserve wrestling squad discussed the team’s progress and challenges faced during the ongoing season. The podcast episode shed light on the journey of the young and up-and-coming team from its promising start to the upcoming competitions.

Duffield revealed that the team had initially started the season with around 15-16 wrestlers, and despite the long and physically demanding season, the squad managed to retain its numbers with no dropouts. He discussed the impact of sickness on some of the wrestlers and expressed gratitude for the three wrestlers who placed in the recent tournament.

The podcast also delved into the coaching strategies employed by Duffield to maintain the team’s focus and drive toward the postseason. Duffield emphasized the significance of maintaining a balance between fun and serious training and highlighted the importance of instilling growth in the wrestlers both on and off the mat.

The episode also provided insights into the team’s preparations for the upcoming competitions, including an emphasis on drilling and situational wrestling to refine techniques and address conditioning concerns. Duffield also discussed the progress and leadership shown by the sophomore wrestlers, signaling a promising future for the team.

The podcast episode offered an intimate glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of the Western Reserve wrestling squad under Coach Anthony Duffield’s guidance. As the team continues its journey through the season, fans and supporters eagerly anticipate the further development and successes of the young squad.



BERLIN CENTER, OH- Western Reserve’s head girls’ basketball coach, Steve Miller, opened up about the team’s recent performance and the adjustments they’ve made to their game plan in a podcast interview with DJ Yokley on YSN’s “WESTERN RESERVE HSBB COACH’S CORNER (EP 3) WITH STEVE MILLER.”

Coach Miller discussed the team’s current third-place ranking in the MVAC, expressing satisfaction but acknowledging that there is still room for improvement. He attributed the team’s recent shift in strategy to a focus on half-court defense, a departure from their earlier approach. Miller emphasized the importance of players understanding and executing the game plan, particularly in response to opponents’ playing styles.

Addressing the loss of a player due to transfer rules, Miller shared his insights into managing the impact on the team dynamics. He spoke about the shift in responsibilities for the remaining players and the adjustments made to accommodate the absence on the court. While acknowledging the challenge of adapting to uncharted territory, he highlighted the opportunities for player development and leadership growth arising from the situation.

The coach also touched on the versatility of key players, such as Lisa and Angelina, highlighting their adaptability and contributions to the team’s performance. Furthermore, he elaborated on the pivotal role of senior players in leading the team both on and off the court, providing context for the team’s ongoing preparations for future games and tournaments.

Coach Miller’s insights provide a behind-the-scenes look at the strategic and adaptive process undertaken by the Western Reserve girls’ basketball team, shedding light on the dynamics and challenges faced during the season.

The podcast episode offers a firsthand account of the team’s journey, reflecting the resilience and determination that underpin their pursuit of success in the high school basketball arena.



KINSMAN, OH- In the latest episode of YSN’s “Badger Boys Basketball Coach’s Corner,” host DJ Yokley and guest Josh Upshire, celebrated a milestone win and discussed the impact and influence of basketball and community on their lives.

Highlighting the significance of his 100th win, Upshire conveyed his gratitude to his players, coaching staff, and the community, emphasizing that the achievement is a collective effort. The episode shed light on the journey from Upshire’s first buzzer-beater victory to achieving this incredible milestone, emphasizing the lessons learned and the evolution of his coaching style.

Upshire’s commitment to youth development and community engagement were prominent topics of discussion. The podcast delved into his dedication to the K-2 league and creating opportunities for young talent, symbolizing his investment in the future of the program.

Additionally, Upshire emphasized the importance of nurturing positive behavior in students and incentivizing it with opportunities to witness high school basketball, fostering a supportive and enthusiastic community around the sport.

Host DJ Yokley lauded Upshire’s exemplary character and positioned him as not just a basketball figure, but a model community leader. The conversation encompassed the influences that guided Upshire’s journey, from honoring his family’s contribution to the impactful mentorship he received from key figures in his life.
The episode resonated as a tribute to the far-reaching impact of passion, determination, and community spirit within the realm of sports. Upshire’s unwavering commitment to the game and the community serves as an inspiration, encapsulating the essence of the YSN podcast and the positivity it aims to promote.

Overall, the episode highlighted the profound influence of basketball beyond the courts, exemplifying the power of sports in shaping lives and communities.

The episode is a testament to the larger narrative of sportsmanship, leadership, and community building, representing the values that YSN aims to showcase in their podcast content.

The discussions in this episode serve as a reminder of the remarkable impact of sports on individuals and communities, and the invaluable spirit of camaraderie and support that defines the world of athletics and beyond.



COLUMBIANA, OH- The highly anticipated Curbstone Coaches banquet is set to feature an all-star lineup of speakers, promising an electrifying evening for sports enthusiasts in Youngstown. Bob Camardo, host of the YSN podcast “Catching the Curb,” recently revealed the impressive roster of speakers scheduled to grace the event.

Among the renowned speakers is Guardians broadcaster Jim Rosenhouse, set to captivate the audience with his legendary insights into the world of baseball. Also in the lineup is Pirates broadcaster Greg Brown, whose engaging and compelling storytelling is expected to be a highlight of the banquet.
Adding to the allure of the event is the presence of esteemed coaches such as YSU softball coach Brian Campbell and YSU baseball coach Dan Bertolini, both of whom are known for their exceptional leadership and dedication to their respective sports.

Further enhancing the star-studded affair is the impending appearance of Gene Sterator, whose expertise as an NFL official promises to provide an intriguing perspective on the world of sports officiating. With a tantalizing range of speakers from various sports disciplines, the Curbstone Coaches banquet is poised to be an unmissable event for sports aficionados.

In the words of Bob Camardo, the banquet is anticipated to be a “really big” affair, encapsulating the spirit of champions across different sporting realms. As the event draws closer, anticipation for the Curbstone Coaches banquet continues to soar, setting the stage for a momentous celebration of sporting excellence.