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PEPPER PIKE, OH- In a remarkable achievement, the Orange Lions’ 2023 football team has been named Academic All-Ohio by the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association, solidifying their commitment to excellence both on and off the field. This prestigious honor places them among the top 20% of the 711 football-playing schools in Ohio, highlighting the team’s exceptional academic prowess.

To qualify for Academic All-Ohio recognition, the Lions had to meet stringent criteria set by the Ohio High School Football Coaches Association. Specifically, the team GPA of the top 22 student-athletes, as determined by their individual grade point averages (GPA), needed to be 3.6 or higher during the first quarter of the academic year.

This achievement underscores the Orange Lions’ dedication to balancing the demanding rigors of football with a strong commitment to academic excellence. Not only have these student-athletes showcased their skills on the gridiron, but they have also excelled in the classroom, demonstrating the values of discipline, time management, and hard work.

The coaching staff, school administration, and parents alike are undoubtedly proud of the Orange Lions for this significant accomplishment. Achieving Academic All-Ohio status is a testament to the culture of academic success that has been fostered within the team, reflecting positively on the student-athletes’ character, work ethic, and their ability to prioritize their education while engaging in high-level sports competition.

This recognition is not only a cause for celebration within the Orange Lions community but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring student-athletes across Ohio. It emphasizes the idea that success in sports and academics is not mutually exclusive but can be pursued simultaneously with dedication and a strong sense of purpose.

As the Orange Lions bask in the glory of their Academic All-Ohio title, they set a standard for excellence that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the school’s athletic and academic legacy. The recognition serves as a reminder that these student-athletes are not only competitors on the football field but also scholars in the classroom, embodying the true spirit of a well-rounded student-athlete.