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MINERAL RIDGE, OH- Mineral Ridge High School volleyball senior Samantha Aulet recently sat down with DJ Oakley on the YSN podcast to discuss her transformative senior year, leadership on and off the court, and her impressive record of 2000 assists.

Aulet expressed the excitement of approaching her senior year and the desire to make lasting memories while leading her team. She emphasized the importance of not just leading the offense as a setter, but also providing guidance and support for the younger players and during practice sessions.

Having been a pivotal player throughout her high school career, Aulet talked about her evolving role and leadership style, highlighting the shift from focusing on the back row as a freshman to leading the entire team and fostering a positive attitude.

During the podcast, Aulet also shared insights into the strategic aspects of the game, discussing her role as a coach on the floor and the communication with coaches and teammates during the games.
Aulet credited the growth of the volleyball program to the solid foundation laid by former players, emphasizing the contribution of her senior-year teammates in building the team’s success.

Regarding her record of 2000 assists, Aulet candidly discussed the competitive nature within her family and how she set her sights on achieving the record after her sister accomplished the same feat. Though she fell six assists short due to an injury during a game, Aulet’s determination and competitiveness shone through as she reflected on the experience and the lessons learned from facing adversity.

The podcast showcased Aulet’s pride in her career achievements, including winning the league three out of four years and her role in the team’s success. She also humorously mentioned the regret of an injury that occurred during a game and how it affected her pursuit of the record.

Aulet’s resilience and dedication were highlighted throughout the interview, showcasing her positive impact on Mineral Ridge’s volleyball program. As she looks forward to the next chapter, Aulet’s commitment to leadership and her impressive record of 2000 assists set a shining example for future athletes at Mineral Ridge High School.

With her senior year coming to a close, Mineral Ridge’s Samantha Aulet continues to leave a lasting legacy in the volleyball program, overcoming challenges and making a profound impact both on and off the court.