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AUSTINTOWN OH- Everyone deserves a chance to compete at sports. For a long time, for high school students with physical disabilities, playing a sport for their school was out of the question. That was until Adaptive Sports Ohio stepped to the plate. They have opened an avenue for students with disabilities to compete for their school. One of the benefactors of their operations is Austintown Fitch. The Falcons have a fully operational wheelchair basketball team that gets to represent the community just like their girls and boys teams do.

Head coach of the Falcons team Cara Hahn was gracious enough to come on to YSN’s Running Point this week to discuss her team, and the opportunities they make for Fitch students. She was joined by Program Director of Adaptive Sports Ohio, Brian Veverka. He talks about the ways that Adaptive Sports Ohio helps accommodate the needs of teams like Austintown Fitch. Both of them also discuss ways in which they continue to show progress and growth with adaptive sports in the Mahoning Valley. Don’t miss this exclusive interview with some of the people that have paved the way for any student to have the opportunity to compete and represent their school.

For more information about Adaptivd Sports Ohio visit www.adaptivesportsohio