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CAMPBELL, OH – Jordan Craft and Alex Doyle, both sophomores at Campbell Memorial High School, have quickly become key figures on the Red Devils football team. Jordan Craft, as a defensive tackle, has showcased his raw talent and dedication, proving himself to be a force on the field. Craft’s tenacity and unwavering commitment to his position have made him a standout player, consistently disrupting opposing offenses and earning the respect of his teammates and coaches. Meanwhile, Alex Doyle, a versatile sophomore who plays as both a wide receiver and defensive back, has exhibited remarkable athleticism and a deep understanding of the game. His speed and agility make him a potent threat on the offensive end, while his defensive skills have made him an invaluable asset for the team. Together, Craft and Doyle exemplify the resilience and promise of the Red Devils, setting the stage for what is sure to be an exciting future for Campbell Memorial football.