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CANFIELD, OH- Welcome to another exciting episode of Player Profile on YSN, where we bring you all the latest player profiles and stories from the world of sports. Today, we have a special episode titled “Canfield Player Profile: Birds of a Feather.”

Join us as we sit down with the Canfield Cardinal captains, Anthony Mazzella, Santino Cocca and Danny Inglis, to get to know them on a more personal level. In this candid conversation, we delve into their mindset during an incredible winning streak, the challenges they faced early in the season, the impact of injuries on the team, and their unwavering belief in themselves and their teammates. Listen in as we explore their journey to the state championship, their sacrifices, and what it means to be a part of the Canfield Cardinal football family.

It’s a captivating episode filled with inspiring stories and heartfelt moments. So grab your headphones and get ready for another intriguing installment on YSN.




CANFIELD, OH- In an exclusive Player Profile featuring Anthony Mazzella, the senior captain of the Canfield Cardinals football team.

Join us as we dive into Anthony’s thoughts on this year’s team and their goals for the season. We’ll also discuss their impressive victory against West Branch and how they overcame challenges to secure the win.

Find out how experience and hard work have shaped Anthony’s growth as a player, and hear about the strong bonds and camaraderie among the seniors on the team. Plus, discover Anthony’s musical tastes and his dream ticket to a legendary performance. Stay tuned for an exciting glimpse into the life of a Canfield football player only here on YSN!