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POLAND OH- Ariana Daniels has been a key cog in this extremely successful Poland girls soccer team over the years. However until this season, her main job wasn’t to score but rather defend. After a big chunk of the Bulldogs offense graduated in the class of 2022, coach Huda saw an opportunity to use Daniels athleticism to help build offense. Did that decision ever pay off for Poland. In her first season as a striker, Daniels broke the program record for goals in a season.  That output helped Poland earn their way to a district championship.

In her 20 games played this season, Daniels has scored 26 goals. That mark was by far good enough to claim the team lead.  With 4 assists as well Daniels had her hands in 30 goals this season.  Daniels has played for 1257 minutes this soccer season.

Daniels has made her decision on her home after high school. The Bulldogs standout has committed to play at the next level at Slippery Rock.  The atmosphere of the program made the decision east for Ariana. Poland will play in the Regional Semifinals on Tuesday against Lakeview.  That game is set to be played in Ravenna at 5:00.  Poland has beaten Lakeview twice this season in conference play.


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To build a good program and not just a good team, you need to continue to build on young players. Poland has a handful of promising young players this season, and one of those players is Ariana Daniels. The freshman Daniels came found a new school in Poland this year. It can be a difficult task to sync in with a brand new group of people. This was not the case for Daniels. She felt the family atmosphere immediately when she stepped into Poland’s gym. That atmosphere is something Coach Blanch has taken time to build and make strong. Daniels said that meeting coach Blanch was intimidating, she knew what the program had done in the last couple years and wanted to live up to that standard. But as soon as that meeting happened Ariana knew it was going to be a good fit. Daniels says she came into this year struggling with confidence, but quickly gained it on this team. Everyone supports everyone at Poland, and that makes an immediate impact. Now Ariana is in a place where she feels completely comfortable out on the court. Daniels is a player that plays on both JV and Varsity. She gets to navigate being a leader on the JV team, and then be lead by the captains on varsity. Coach Blanch says that it’s grooming Daniels into being a great leader in the future. Ariana said the same thing, she gets to take in the lessons from the varsity leaders and then use them to lead the JV squad. She’s got a lot to live up to wearing the number 2, the same as Sarah Bury who was so important to the last four years of the program. Daniels said she just wants to make Bury proud that she’s continuing the legacy. You can make a good bet that Daniels will make an impact on the team for years to come just like Bury. Poland has one less problem with Ariana on the team. They’ve added a sweetener to the group. If you watch you will see that Ariana is grand. 

Anthony Hartwig got the chance to sit down with Ariana this week. They discuss coming to a new school, the family atmosphere of the team, and much more. Get to know another Poland Bulldog in the latest Player Profile Ariana is Grand.