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YOUNGSTOWN, OH- As the Mooney varsity basketball season comes to a close, quarterback and basketball player, Ashton O’Brien, sat down with YSN’s DJ Yokley for an exclusive interview to discuss his high school journey and plans for the future.

O’Brien, a prominent figure at Mooney High School, reflected on the challenges and successes he faced during his four-year high school career. He described the experience as a “roller coaster” but emphasized the importance of hard work, leadership, and being a supportive teammate.

When asked about his future in sports, O’Brien mentioned his love for the local area, expressing his desire to remain close to his family. While undecided, he revealed a strong likelihood of pursuing football at the collegiate level.

Throughout the interview, O’Brien highlighted the significance of family, crediting his parents for their work ethic and love. He stated, “They’ve given me everything. They’re why I’m here today,” emphasizing the profound impact his family has had on his journey.

Furthermore, O’Brien discussed his role as a role model for younger students at Mooney and the importance of being a supportive teammate in both football and basketball.

Reflecting on his time at Mooney, O’Brien expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to graduate as a Cardinal. He spoke fondly of the school’s history and the strong sense of community and support at Mooney.

As the interview concluded, Ashton O’Brien emphasized the importance of family, hard work, and being a positive influence, both on and off the field.

O’Brien’s inspiring story and dedication have solidified his position as a role model within the Youngstown community, leaving a lasting impact on Mooney High School.