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BOARDMAN, OH- Lacrosse may indeed be the fastest-growing sport in the country, but it’s taking time to catch on in Northeast Ohio.  However, for Boardman standout, Ava Hedrich, she is choosing to play in fast forward, in fact- Hedrich represents one of the state’s top goaltenders with the second most saves in the Buckeye state.

With all the accolades, you would probably have guessed that this is a game that Ava had been playing since she could walk, but you may be surprised that this is an interest that has been active for a handful of years in high school, and only the second year of varsity experience for the talented Hedrich.

Now the challenge becomes landing on a team in college, but with the statistics being showcased, along with a solid GPA, Ava would be a blue chip-style score for any program at the collegiate level.

We had a chance to sit and break down the sport, and life on and off the field with Ava Hedrich on this edition of Boardman Player Profile: Ava Hedrich.