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POLAND, OH – The Poland Lady Bulldogs are having a season to remember as they are currently undefeated in the NE8 with a chance to win the league outright this week! That success can be linked to many things but one main reason is a group of talented senior leaders. Mary Brant and Ava Sabrin are the two that form the dynamic defensive duo on the Poland Lady Bulldogs soccer team, bringing their exceptional skills and commitment to the pitch. As seniors, they have not only been a formidable force on the field but also inspirational leaders for their teammates. Brant is known for her rock-solid defensive prowess, with a keen sense of anticipation and remarkable agility, she has stopped countless opposition attacks, earning her a reputation as a tenacious defender. Her ability to read the game and initiate crucial counterattacks from the backline has been pivotal to the Lady Bulldogs’ success. Sabrin, on the other hand, complements Mary’s skills perfectly as a fellow senior defender, Ava brings her own brand of determination and skill to the team. Her exceptional ball control and precision passing make her a vital cog in both the defensive and transitional phases of the game. Together, Mary Brant and Ava Sabrin exemplify the teamwork and dedication that have defined the Poland Lady Bulldogs soccer program.