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AUSTINTOWN OH- Austintown Fitch softball has been on a tear this season. They haven’t lost to anyone in the state of Ohio.  They are one win away from a trip to Akron and the state tournament.  Their lineup is stacked 1-9, but always setting the tone at the top is Ayla Ray.

Ayla might be one of the most feared leadoff hitters in the YSN family. The versatile nature of her bat must make her a nightmare to game plan against. She has only struck out 3 times this season. You can attribute that to her two strike approach.  She has a expert level eye at the plate, and never tries to do too much with two strikes.  Her spray chart will show you that Ray has the ability to hit the ball line to line. That makes her lethal. And because coach award puts her at the top of the order, walking her to lead things off would put a team behind the preverbal eight ball.

As far as her numbers go, Ayla is currently hitting .583 on the season.  She leads the team in hits with 49.  She has hit 2 home runs, 10 doubles, and knocked in 18 RBI.  Ray also carries a slugging percentage of .892.  As far as her glove goes, Ray holds down the middle of the infield at shortstop.  She has a fielding percentage of .938. She’s only made 2 errors all season with 32 total chances.

Ray took the time to talk with the guys of Running Point this week to give an insight on what has made her so successful. Join Ty Bartell and Anthony Hartwig as they get to know Ray on and off the field in the latest Fitch softball player profile.

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