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NEW MIDDLETOWN OH- Springfield girls soccer is one of the more dominant programs over the past four seasons. They’ve won 3 straight MVAC championships. Leadership has been a hallmark of their success. This year, leadership hasn’t shaken one bit. Brionna Holt takes the reigns as a senior leader this season and has the Tigers in the right direction.  With a tougher schedule than ever, the Tigers have sharpened their tools to be ready for tournament play. Brionna won a district her freshman year, and is going all out to win another before her career at Springfield is over.

Holt has taken everything in over her years with this program. There have been no better players to test her how to lead a group of girls.  So it isn’t shocking that she is now one of the biggest leaders in the area.  Holt is always at the top of the statistical list for the Tigers, so not only is she a vocal leader she proves that she can lead by example. Holt is such a talented soccer player, and she has a chance to shine bright for the Tigers.

Brionna took the time to come on to YSN’s Running Point this week to talk about her senior season. She talks to Anthony Hartwig and DJ Yokley about how she stepped into a leadership role, what she thinks makes Springfield so successful and special, and much more.  Check out the latest Springfield Soccer Player Profile only on YSN!

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