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CANFIELD, OH- As has been well documented on this site, and countless others for nearly the last year, COVID-19 has changed the way we do things.  Normalcy as we knew it is a thing of the past, and health scares are regular occurrences.  However, it’s still a “nobody thinks it can happen to them” situation until it happens.

For South Range Senior, Eli Taylor- that was the case, exactly.

Eli and his family had taken precautions and followed the guidelines to a fault, however, Taylor still contracted the virus, and had a few health scares along the way- but came out better than ever, and is out to prove that no matter the record or games completed- this Raider team is preparing to leave a legacy that’s one-of-a-kind.

We were able to sit down with Eli Taylor to discuss his story with DJ, and some of the things he prides himself on through his days with the Burgundy and Gold.

Please enjoy the South Range Player Profile of Eli Taylor in: The Book of Eli




YOUNGSTOWN OH- Last year these two teams played each other and now this year, it was time once again but a lot more was on the line here as the Ursuline Irish looked to go .500 after going one for one in the Salem Tournament losing to Poland and taking care of Columbiana, while South Range was just coming off their first victory to Springfield in a much needed and upset win.  This was a tight game throughout three quarters especially when it was tied in the first and then only a six possession game at halftime.  However in the end, the irish would find a lot of GRIT as they pulled away big time, finding their pot of gold and possibly a breakout 2021 preview, beating South Range 49-37 as one of the last basketball games of 2020 ended with excitement as 2021 is on the way!


Ursuline Stats

For the Irish, they were led by Jakylan Irving who made his comeback, putting up 16 points.  Brady Shannon was a force inside the paint and behind the arc once, finishing with 13 points.  Terrance Pankey kept showing that strength with ten points.  Vinny Flauto finished with eight points while both Demarcus McElroy and Will Burney combined for four points and had a bunch of steals on the defensive side of the ball.  


South Range Stats

Leading South Range was their shooting star Eli Taylor who had a slight injury in this game but would comeback finishing with 14 points.  The next leading scorer was Brandon Mikos who had nine points, making a three-pointer and a couple of layups.  Nate Brown made all of his points at the free-throw line as he drew up the fouls nicely finishing with six points.  Meanwhile, Mike Patrone (3pts) Luke Crumbacher (2pts) Corey Penick (2pts) and Dylan Turvey (1pt) all combined for eight points.  


Up Next 

Ursuline (3-3) if there are no cancellations after the New Years will head to New Middletown to face the Springfield Tigers (6-1) Tuesday at 7pm.  South Range (1-6) as of now after the New Years is going to face Girard as Trumbull County has just started up their basketball season.  Tip-off for that game is 7pm.  

*Contributed by YSN’s Ian O’Brien


CANFIELD OH- South Range did not get off to the start they wanted this season. Coming in to Tuesday, the Raiders were 0-5 and struggling to score. Springfield was on the other end of the spectrum, they came in to Tuesday’s matchup with the Raiders undefeated, and rolling on offense. South Range’s defense won the day however, as they held the Tigers to just 19 first half points. The Raiders defense continued to clamp down in the second half and came away with a 56-46 win over Springfield.

Eli Taylor led the Raiders with 13 points. They were able to get an important 12 point performance off the bench from Dylan Turvey. Mike Patrone also got in to double figures with 11.

Adam Wharry led the Tigers offense with a game-high 19 points. Clay Medvec added 14 to the cause.