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HOWLAND OH- This season has been special so far for Howland Girls Basketball.  Senior Gia Hoso stands tall as a cornerstone of leadership and unwavering dedication. A vital member of a seasoned senior class featuring five other players, Gia epitomizes the essence of hard work and mentorship that has defined her team for the past two years.

Remarkably, last season saw no seniors on the roster, thrusting Gia and her fellow seniors into the roles of seasoned veterans. This unique experience has shaped them into the guiding force behind the team, setting the tone for success both on and off the court.

At the heart of Gia’s influence is her unshakable work ethic, a guiding light for any aspiring underclassman. No one in the Howland roster matches Hoso’s commitment to self-improvement. Her tireless efforts provide a roadmap to success, inspiring teammates to follow suit in their pursuit of greatness.

Gia’s leadership extends beyond the confines of personal development. She is a vocal force on the court, consistently encouraging her teammates to reach their full potential. Not one to point fingers in moments of challenge, Gia exemplifies a leadership style that fosters unity and resilience. Her impact is palpable, contributing significantly to Howland’s mental fortitude throughout the season’s early stages.

As the 2023 season unfolds, Gia has already showcased her prowess, averaging an impressive 7.9 points per game and amassing a total of 63 points through eight games. These statistics, though impressive, only scratch the surface of her overall influence on the team.

Gia Hoso’s impending departure from Howland will undoubtedly leave a massive void, but her legacy alongside her senior teammates will endure. Their collective leadership ensures that the program will continue to uphold the standards set by Gia, maintaining a tradition of excellence for years to come. As Gia’s final chapter unfolds, she remains a beacon of inspiration, a symbol of resilience, and a driving force behind the success of Howland.


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