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NEW MIDDLETOWN, OH – Jackson Ensley and John Brungard are two dedicated and talented golfers for the Springfield Tigers. With a passion for the sport that ignited at a young age, this duo has been progressively becoming prominent forces on the local golfing scene. Both of these young men have had a multitude of impressive achievements on the course, and they have consistently showcased their remarkable skills by placing high up the leaderboards in their golf matches. Beyond the fairways, Ensley and Brungard are known for their work in the classroom as both men use that golfer’s focus on their studies as well.

YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, was able to sit down with Jackson and John this week at the Tigers Table to discuss their golf season so far, what a day in the life of a golfer is all about, what it means to be a Springfield Tiger to them, a rapid fire questionnaire where we get to learn more about what makes these two the fierce competitors they are, and so much more.

Check out this exclusive dual player profile with Springfield Tigers golf stars, Jackson Ensley and John Brungard on YSNLive!