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YOUNGSTOWN, OH – When you think of the Chaney Cowboys football team, one might think about all the skill positions and how they use their speed to run the football or how they always seem to find ways to pass the football, but little do many people know, its the guys in the trenches on the offensive line that make their offense as prolific as it is. Jaheim Jackson, our star in this player profile, is one of the “big men up front” that are constantly battling, moving mountains, and helping the Cowboys move the football down the field. The line never gets the credit in the public eye since not many people pay attention to that aspect of the game, but Jaheim doesn’t mind that. He is a man that prides himself on doing his job, doing it well, and helping the team win at all costs.

Jaheim was able to sit down with Steve Leslie this week at Hackett’s Pub on Mahoning Avenue, to discuss the season so far, how the Cowboys are playing in his opinion, what his expectations are for the season, what his plans are for after high school, a rapid-fire questionnaire where he opens up a little bit about what makes him the special player and person that he is, and so much more!

Check out this exclusive player profile with Chaney Cowboys offensive and defensive line star, Jaheim Jackson!