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COLUMBIANA OH- Every successful team needs a balanced roster with players who can shine in various roles. While Abbey Emch may take the spotlight in Crestview’s front row for much of the game, there’s another rising star who steps up when needed – junior middle blocker, Lydia Campbell.

Lydia plays a pivotal role in Crestview’s rotation, especially when Abbey is in the back row. She has embraced the challenge of being a significant presence on the court, and her contributions are undeniable.

Head coach Alisha Auer recognizes Lydia’s importance to the team. “Lydia is very coachable and a very smart volleyball player,” says Coach Auer. “She is a smart blocker and reads the offense well. She works hard every day and is always pushing herself.”

One of Lydia’s standout qualities is her prowess at the net. She ranks second on the team in blocks this season, tallying an impressive total of 34, with 11 of those being solo blocks. Her ability to disrupt opponents’ attacks and create scoring opportunities for Crestview has not gone unnoticed.

Beyond her volleyball achievements, Lydia is a multi-talented athlete. She’s not just a standout on the volleyball court; she’s also a member of Crestview’s track and bowling teams. Her dedication and skills have even taken her to the district level in bowling.

But Lydia’s talents don’t stop at the sports arena. She’s a proud member of Crestview’s drama team and has actively participated in the school’s annual musicals. Among her favorite musicals, Lydia holds a special place for “Beetlejuice.”

With her dedication to both sports and the arts, Lydia Campbell is undoubtedly a versatile and valuable asset to Crestview High School. As she continues to grow and excel on the volleyball court and beyond, her future in both athletics and the arts looks promising. Crestview can count on Lydia to be a force to reckon with, no matter where she chooses to shine.

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