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ASHTABULA OH- Edgewood High School’s senior volleyball star, McKenna Vencill, is a force to be reckoned with both on and off the court. As the team’s senior captain and libero, Vencill is often hailed as the anchor of the Warriors’ defense. Her prowess in the sport is undeniable, and she carries a legacy that runs deep within the Edgewood community.

The Vencill name is synonymous with excellence in Edgewood, with family members playing pivotal roles in various sports. Alongside McKenna,  Faith Vencill shares the volleyball court, while Kyra Vencill, holds the reins as the head coach. Meanwhile, her father, Randy Vencill, coaches her in basketball and softball, creating a family bond tightly knit by their love for sports. Her brother Zack, who recently wrapped up an outstanding basketball career, adds to the family’s impressive athletic legacy.

In 2022, McKenna Vencill’s performance was nothing short of outstanding. She led the team with an impressive 406 digs, showcasing her remarkable defensive skills. Averaging 4.7 digs per set, she demonstrated her consistency and reliability in the libero position. Moreover, Vencill’s 535 serve receives with only 11 receiving errors throughout the season highlight her exceptional ball-handling abilities.

The 2023 season has seen Vencill elevate her game even further. Through 12 games, she has amassed 294 digs while committing a mere 3 errors, averaging an astonishing 7.5 digs per set. Her 223 serve receives continue to underscore her unwavering precision and dependability in key moments. Additionally, she has notched an impressive 21 aces, showcasing her versatility on the court.

One of Vencill’s most remarkable achievements was reaching the milestone of 1000 career digs earlier in the season, an indication of her unwavering dedication to the sport. Her career total now stands at an impressive 1,049 digs, a testament to her consistency and commitment.

Beyond her exceptional volleyball skills, McKenna Vencill is a true four-sport athlete, participating in golf in the fall, basketball, softball, and volleyball throughout the year. Her ability to excel in multiple sports exemplifies her status as a true athlete, showcasing her dedication, versatility, and leadership both on and off the court. McKenna Vencill is undoubtedly a role model for aspiring athletes and a source of pride for the Edgewood community.

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