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Poland,OH- The Poland Bulldogs continie their streak with a 64-37 win over a young Jefferson Falcons team. Jackie Grisdale led Poland with 20 points while Megan Jacobs had 10 points for the Falcons.

Poland took a commanding lead in the first quarter and never let up finishing the quarter with a 21-10 lead. Grisdale had 10 points in the first quarter alone. Jefferson’s Ava Contenza had 5 points in the quarter. Morgan Kluchar and Kailyn Brown both paced the Bulldogs in the second quarter to a 38-19 lead going into halftime. Both Kluchar and Brown had 8 points going into the half.

Poland added to their lead in the second half by taking advantage of turnovers and creating points. Grisdale finished the night with 20 points in a 64-37 win to continue their winning streak. Poland will face Hubbard Monday on YSNLIVE.COM.

* Story Contributed by YSN’s Anthony Melone