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STRUTHERS OH- Being a student athlete immediately presents time constraints, ensuring you achieve in both the classroom and the court or field. Then there are the few student athletes that mix working a part-time job in their schedule. But how many work volunteer hours as a firefighter on top of all that? That is exactly the case for Struthers senior setter Mickey Taaffe!

Leading her team in assists with 184 on the season at the time of this article, Taaffe goes beyond hard work on the court. A standout student in the classroom, she also finds time to work part time at a local Italian restaurant and volunteer as a firefighter!

Anthony Hartwig and Ty Bartell from Your Sports  Network (YSN) interviewed the Wildcat senior about her volleyball career, busy schedule, and future goals. As YSN brings you this edition of Player Profile with Struthers senior, Mickey Taaffe!


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