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BERLIN CENTER, OH- The Western Reserve wrestling team’s sophomore standout, Murphy Wills, is making waves as a promising athlete and emerging leader. In a recent interview with YSN’s DJ Yokley, Wills shared insights about his wrestling journey, aspirations, and personal life.

With nearly a decade of wrestling experience, Wills credits his entry into the sport to a family connection and a natural affinity for the dynamic discipline. He described the appeal of wrestling, highlighting the camaraderie and competition that forged lasting friendships with opponents.

As he matures in the sport, Wills has transitioned from a more instinctual approach to a refined technique, underlining his commitment to continuous improvement. Additionally, he embraces the role of leadership on the team, recognizing the responsibility that comes with guiding his peers and shaping the program’s future.

Looking ahead, Wills aims to make it to sectionals this year and dreams of competing at the state level in his senior year. Beyond wrestling, he plans to pursue a career as a welder and has drawn inspiration from a vocational program.

Wills spoke warmly of his family, particularly his mother, as a source of unwavering support and motivation. He also playfully shared insights into his siblings, acknowledging their potential superpowers in a lighthearted moment of fun.

As Wills continues his wrestling journey, his dedication, vision, and drive position him as a rising star within the Western Reserve wrestling team.