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YOUNGSTOWN OH- In volleyball, the setter’s role is often considered one of the most pivotal on the court. For Cardinal Mooney’s young but incredibly talented sophomore setter, Natalie Blasko, this season has been all about embracing leadership, making every set count, and cherishing moments shared with her older sister, Angelee.

Natalie’s emergence as the varsity setter in her first year is a testament to her natural leadership skills. On the court, she exudes confidence and composure beyond her years, guiding her team with an instinctual understanding of the game.

Playing alongside her senior sister, Angelee, has been a cherished experience for Natalie. The sibling bond they share is evident not only in their personal connection but also in their synergy on the volleyball court. It’s a unique opportunity that both sisters have embraced.

Crucial to Natalie’s confidence is the trust and belief placed in her by head coach Toni Chahine. This trust has empowered Natalie to take the reins as a setter and guide her team effectively.

Statistically, Natalie has been a force to be reckoned with this season. With an impressive 459 assists and an average of 7.2 assists per set, she has shown remarkable playmaking abilities. Furthermore, her skills extend beyond the net, with 144 digs to her name. Natalie’s performance suggests that she’s well on her way to achieving the milestone of 500 assists, setting the stage for an extraordinary career that could potentially see her reach 1,000 assists before her senior season even begins.

With a talented setter like Natalie Blasko anchoring the team for two more seasons, Cardinal Mooney’s future on the volleyball court looks bright. As they continue to grow and evolve, Natalie’s leadership and playmaking abilities promise to guide them toward even greater success in the seasons to come.

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