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BOARDMAN, OH- In this episode, we have a special guest joining us – the talented Gabe Hammerton, who has been a fixture of our coverage since his early days. Gabe comes from a sports-heavy family, with his father serving as the assistant athletic director and head girls basketball coach.

While he used to play baseball, Gabe decided to focus on tennis and soccer, ranking tennis as his best sport.

We dive into Gabe’s journey, including his team’s challenging start to the season, his leadership style learned from his dad, and his aspirations to go pro in basketball.

Get ready for an exciting conversation as we learn more about Gabe Hammerton’s player profile.



CANFIELD, OH- In today’s episode, we have an exclusive player profile featuring Jace Jaffer, the senior wide receiver for the Canfield Cardinals.

Join us as we sit down with Jace at Cocoa’s Pizza, to get an inside look at his senior year, his role as a leader in the wide receivers’ room, and his future aspirations. From his dedication to the game, to his plans for further education and building a business with his brother,

Jace shares valuable insights about his journey on and off the field. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation with a talented young athlete who has his sights set on success both in football and in the real estate industry.



CANFIELD, OH- Today we dive deep into the world of high school football as we profile Canfield’s very own offensive tackle extraordinaire, Alex Hewko.

We sit down with Alex and get an inside look into his life on and off the field. From his role as a left side blindside tackle to his mental approach to the game, Alex reveals how he handles the weight of protecting the quarterback.

We also get a glimpse into his love for the game and his unforgettable moment of scoring a touchdown as a lineman. But it’s not just football that defines Alex; we learn about his bond with his teammates, particularly his sophomore brother who plays by his side.

Tune in as we explore the life and journey of Alex Hewko, a formidable force on the Canfield football team. Get ready for an episode full of gridiron tales and the camaraderie that makes high school sports so special.