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YOUNGSTOWN, OH-  In a recent episode of the YSN podcast, host DJ Yokley sat down with Cardinal Mooney senior and multi-sport athlete, Will Desmond, for an insightful player profile. The interview covered a range of topics, offering a glimpse into Will’s experiences and aspirations as he navigates his final year of high school.

During the conversation, Will reflected on the ongoing basketball season, expressing his delight in playing in front of enthusiastic crowds and embracing the competitive atmosphere, even in the face of tough losses. He discussed the lessons learned from challenging games, highlighting the importance of defensive strategy for his team’s success.

Beyond the basketball court, Will shared personal insights and aspirations, discussing his close-knit family and the influence of his grandmother, whom he regards as his role model. He warmly spoke about the joy of seeing his grandmother in the crowd at his games and the significance of family support in his life.

In a surprise revelation, Will disclosed his plans to major in computer science and pursue a career as a software engineer, showcasing his keen interest in technology and problem-solving. Additionally, he offered a glimpse into his transition to lacrosse in the upcoming spring season, revealing his excitement for the new challenge and his affinity for the sport after initially working as a ticket seller at games.
Through the interview, Will Desmond’s dedication to athletics, his close bond with family, and his ambitious career goals shone through, painting a picture of a young athlete with a clear vision for his future. As he eagerly anticipates his graduation from Cardinal Mooney, Will remains determined to leave a lasting impact both on and off the sports arena.

Listeners of the YSN podcast were treated to an engaging profile of a determined and multifaceted athlete, as Will Desmond’s story encapsulated the spirit of perseverance, family, and the pursuit of personal growth.