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YOUNGSTOWN, OH- Local legend and former football quarterback Bernie Kosar, known for his career with the Cleveland Browns and the University of Miami, shared valuable insights and experiences during a special interview for the YSN podcast. The interview was part of the lead-up to the YSN slam dunk contest taking place at Boardman High School.

Kosar expressed gratitude for being able to contribute to the YSN event and outlined the importance of community involvement and giving back. He emphasized the challenges that young athletes face today, particularly in dealing with pressures and anxieties, and highlighted the need for holistic approaches to mental well-being.

During the interview, Kosar also touched on the lessons he learned through sports, emphasizing discipline, respect, and the value of competing on and off the field. He discussed the impact of sports on young athletes, emphasizing the importance of nurturing life skills and holistic development.
Additionally, Kosar shared his personal journey in dealing with health challenges and the importance of seeking natural and holistic approaches to well-being. He spoke openly about the adverse effects of certain medications and the responsibility he feels in sharing his experiences to support others in making informed decisions regarding their health.

Kosar’s heartfelt and candid reflections were a source of inspiration for many, and his commitment to giving back to his community and supporting the next generation of athletes was evident throughout the interview.

The YSN event, set to take place, promises to not only showcase athletic talent but also underscore the importance of community involvement and support. Kosar’s participation has added an extra layer of significance to the event, and his message of resilience, self-improvement, and community engagement is sure to resonate with attendees.

As the YSN event approaches, the community eagerly anticipates the positive impact that Kosar’s insights and the overall event will bring to local sports and the community at large.



YOUNGSTOWN, OH- In the latest episode of the YSN podcast, host DJ Yokley was joined by the renowned basketball expert Dennis Schiraldi for an in-depth discussion on March Madness and bracket predictions. Sheraldi, hailed as the “guru” and “wizard of the brackets,” shared his insights and analysis on the upcoming NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

The episode delved into various aspects of the tournament, including team performances, key factors for success, underdog picks, and potential Cinderella stories. Sheraldi emphasized the importance of defensive play, rebounding, and guard performance in determining the success of teams in the tournament. He also highlighted the impact of one shining moment for players, providing a platform for them to showcase their potential in the basketball world.

Shiraldi’s predictions for the Final Four included teams such as UConn, Auburn, Illinois, Houston, and Duke, offering a comprehensive overview of potential contenders. He also discussed potential Cinderella runs, including Grand Canyon, adding an element of anticipation for unexpected upsets.

The conversation concluded with Sheraldi’s bold prediction of UConn as the 2024 NCAA men’s basketball champion. His reasoning included the coaching prowess of Danny Hurley, the strong defensive capabilities of the team, and the overall impact of UConn’s performance in the tournament.

The podcast episode was not only a comprehensive guide to the upcoming tournament but also showcased Sheraldi’s in-depth knowledge and passion for the sport of basketball. Listeners were left with valuable insights and anticipation for the thrilling action set to unfold in March.



COLUMBIANA, OH- Former middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik is set to be a judge at the upcoming YSN All-Star Slam Dunk Contest this Sunday. The announcement of Pavlik as one of the judges was made during a recent episode of the YSN podcast, where host DJ Yokley and guest Kelly Pavlik discussed the event and Pavlik’s involvement.

Pavlik shared his excitement about being part of the event, expressing his support for youth sports and the opportunity to witness young athletes showcase their skills. He also offered insightful tips for the participants, emphasizing the importance of creativity and execution in their performances.

In addition to his role as a judge, Pavlik discussed his passion for training athletes and his efforts to provide opportunities for young individuals in the Mahoning Valley through his nonprofit gym. He highlighted the comprehensive programs offered at the gym, encompassing strength conditioning, boxing training, counseling services, and tutoring, aimed at promoting holistic development among the participants.

Furthermore, Pavlik shed light on an upcoming amateur boxing fundraiser, scheduled for May 11 at the Metroplex in Liberty. The event aims to support the sustainability of the gym and provide opportunities for young boxers to showcase their talents.

Pavlik welcomed sponsorships and table bookings for the fundraiser, extending an invitation for support from the community. Interested individuals were encouraged to contact the gym or visit in person for further details.

The article ends with a note of gratitude as Pavlik thanked the YSN team for the opportunity and expressed his anticipation for the upcoming event.

For a detailed insight into the conversation, tune in to the latest episode of the YSN podcast.
For more information about the YSN All-Star Slam Dunk Contest and the amateur boxing fundraiser, interested parties can reach out to Kelly Pavlik’s gym at 330-565-8665 or visit the gym during operating hours.