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CANFIELD, OH- In this episode of the YSN’s South Range Coach’s Corner, we join host DJ Yokley at GIAngelo’s in Boardman for the South Range Raiders show. His special guest for the night is the head volleyball coach of the South Range Raiders, TJ Irons. They kick off the conversation by discussing the unusual break in their schedule, with a couple of Tuesdays off in a row.

Coach Irons explains that while it’s strange, volleyball allows for more flexibility in scheduling compared to other sports. The discussion then turns to the tough schedule that the team has had in the past week. Coach Irons recounts the challenging matches against Gerard, East Liverpool, and Lakeview, all of whom are strong teams in their league. Despite the tough competition, the girls came back ready to go after a breather against Western Reserve.  The conversation shifts to the delicate nature of high school sports and how external factors can sometimes affect the team’s performance. Coach Irons mentions that homecoming festivities added a bit of distraction for the girls, with some of them getting their nails and hair done. However, he commends the girls for looking great and having fun at the homecoming dance. Looking ahead to the playoffs, Coach Irons discusses the importance of creating a legacy for the team. He mentions the success of other South Range teams in various sports and how it inspires the volleyball team to believe in their ability to go far in the tournament. The host notes that the girls seem to have adopted a winning mentality from their fellow athletes in the school, with many having brothers on successful teams. With five seniors on the team, Coach Irons emphasizes the special role that they play and the discussions they have about the legacy they want to leave. He acknowledges that thinking about legacy is not easy for high school kids, but they are aware of how fortunate they are to compete with their friends every night. The main focus before every game is to have fun and make the most of the opportunity.

In reflection, Coach Irons is pleased with the team’s progress throughout the season. He mentions the increased emphasis on strength training in the weight room, hoping it will give them an advantage in the upcoming postseason. Overall, it’s a candid and insightful discussion about the challenges and aspirations of the South Range Raiders volleyball team, as they strive to leave their mark in the playoffs and create a lasting legacy for their school.




GIRARD OH- In the world of Girard volleyball, there’s a player who exemplifies versatility, leadership, and unwavering commitment to her team—junior standout Bailey Walters. Her journey on the court has been a remarkable one, marked by her willingness to take on any role necessary to propel her team to success.

Bailey Walters made a significant impact as a libero in 2022, showcasing her defensive prowess with an astounding 377 digs, averaging an impressive 13 per set. Her ability to read the game and keep the ball in play was second to none, setting the team lead by nearly 200 digs. What’s more, Bailey’s contributions weren’t limited to her defensive role; she also displayed her setting skills, finishing the season with 69 assists, averaging just under 1 per set. As if that weren’t enough, she emerged as Girard’s best server, notching 97 aces, averaging over 1 per set.

In 2023, Bailey Walters took on a new challenge, transitioning to the setter position. Through 21 sets played, she has demonstrated her playmaking abilities with an impressive 213 assists. Bailey’s exceptional serving skills remained intact, as she recorded 31 aces so far this season. Additionally, her defensive prowess has not wavered, contributing 56 digs, averaging 2.1 per set.

Adding an extra layer to her volleyball journey, Bailey’s father, Phil Walters, serves as Girard’s head coach. Together, they navigate the dynamic of player and coach with remarkable harmony, a testament to their mutual respect and dedication to the sport.

Bailey Walters embodies the essence of a team player. Her willingness to transition from libero to setter, taking on different roles as needed, showcases her commitment to her team’s success. Her leadership on and off the court is an inspiration to her teammates, reminding them of the importance of putting the team above all else.

Bailey Walters is more than just a versatile volleyball talent; she’s a symbol of dedication, adaptability, and teamwork. Her journey in the world of Girard volleyball continues to evolve, promising more exciting chapters and impressive performances. As she navigates the challenges of different positions and maintains a harmonious relationship with her coach and father, Bailey remains a driving force behind Girard’s success, leaving fans eager to see what the future holds for this exceptional athlete and leader.

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