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COLUMBIANA, OH- In a recent interview on the YSN podcast, renowned fitness expert and personal trainer Mitchell Hart shared valuable insights on maintaining consistency in fitness routines and the importance of starting training at a young age.

Hart emphasized the need for individuals to stay consistent with their fitness regimens, especially during the holiday season. He highlighted the significance of not waiting until the new year to kickstart healthy habits, urging people to keep the momentum going and find sustainable exercise and diet plans.
Addressing the training of young athletes, Hart debunked the myth that weightlifting stunts growth in children, encouraging early physical development and training as essential for long-term health and fitness habits. He emphasized that resistance training for kids enhances coordination and motor skills, setting the stage for athletic prowess in the future.

During the interview, Hart recommended the deadlift as a crucial exercise for people of average athletic ability, emphasizing its functional benefits for everyday movements and overall strength. He stressed the importance of regular exercise, noting that consistent gym routines can lead to life-long habits and improved physical capabilities.

As the head trainer of Athletix and a dedicated personal trainer, Mitchell Hart continues to inspire individuals to prioritize health and fitness, sharing his expertise through social media and in-person training sessions at Athletix.

For those seeking further guidance on fitness and training, Mitchell Hart can be reached on his Instagram account, @Mitchell_Hart08, where he shares educational videos and insights from his training sessions, offering valuable resources for fitness enthusiasts and aspiring athletes.
Mitchell Hart’s dedication and expertise in promoting fitness for all ages demonstrate his commitment to empowering individuals and nurturing a culture of health and wellness.

This article provides a summary of the insightful discussion with Mitchell Hart, highlighting his key messages and expertise in the field of fitness and training for individuals of all ages.




PEPPER PIKE, OH- In the podcast episode titled “YSN⧸ORANGE BASKETBALL PLAYER PROFILE: DOM ANEKWE,” we get an inside look at the life and mindset of Dom Anekwe, a senior basketball player at Orange High School. Dom talks about the physicality and toughness required for his position as a big man down low for the Lions. He emphasizes the importance of staying motivated, being consistent, and constantly improving his game, especially his mid-range shooting.

Throughout the conversation, Dom reflects on his track and field experience and how it has contributed to his basketball skills, with a core focus on consistency. He also shares his expectations for the team’s upcoming season, including their defensive strength and their ability to handle close games.
One of the most poignant moments of the episode is when Dom talks about his role models, including Kobe Bryant, Michael B. Jordan, and LeBron James. However, he reserves a special place in his heart for his grandmother, who is a source of unwavering support, encouragement, and valuable life advice.
Dom’s deep admiration for his grandmother is evident as he shares how she attends all his games and provides him with wisdom and guidance. He discusses the impact of her presence in his life, and the valuable advice she has given him, which includes keeping God in his favor.

The conversation takes a heartwarming turn as Dom shares his excitement for the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration, highlighting his grandmother’s delicious dishes and the memorable family moments they share.

In a lighthearted moment, Dom reveals his cooking skills and his specialty—spaghetti, and eagerly responds to the idea of trying a spaghetti sandwich, showing his fun and adventurous side.

The episode wraps up with Dom expressing his excitement and determination as he gears up for the games, ready to give his best and be great for the Lions. The conversation offers a glimpse into the life of a dedicated high school basketball player, highlighting the impact of family, values, and the determination to succeed both on and off the court.




AUSTINTOWN, OH- In this episode of Coach’s Corner, we once again dive into the thrilling world of Fitch Football. Fresh off a resounding 40-6 victory over Euclid. We sit down with Coach T.J. Parker to discuss the game and extract valuable insights from his perspective.

The coach reflects on the team’s performance, highlighting the challenges they faced and the key plays that sparked their success. We also explore the added pressure and excitement of being named the Cleveland Browns game of the week, and how the team handled the spotlight. But the journey doesn’t stop there.

We shift our focus to the upcoming border battle against Central Valley, a formidable opponent with an impressive schedule. Coach Parker shares his thoughts on the distractions that come with such a high-stakes game and how his team maintains focus. Join us as we delve into the world of Friday night lights, strategic plays, and the resilience of these young athletes.