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Poland Volleyball has a sizable senior class. With eight girls in the class of 2020, it can get easy to be lost in the shuffle. This is not the case with Emily Frost. As a setter she is involved with every offensive play on the court. The only player that always touches the ball, the setter is like a quarterback on the court. Emily Frost treasures being in this position being able to lead the offense on the floor. She has respect for her role on the floor and what that means for her team. To her, it is important to keep everyone up in times of struggle. Volleyball is all about momentum, and her energy and leadership on the court is an immediate boost to her team’s morale. Frost is arguably the most cerebral player on the court, as most setters are. She has to make split second decisions on where to set the ball based on where the defense is aligned. A master of her craft Frost is working hard to help her team reach their goals. 

Anthony Hartwig caught up with Emily this week to talk about being the setter, future goals, and much more. Bundle up Poland fans this one is about to get frosty. Listen to the latest Bulldog Volleyball Player Profile, Ice in Her Veins, Frost in Her Name.