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PEPPER PIKE, OH-  Senior basketball player Ernest Pryor from Orange High School is gearing up for his most awaited season yet as he looks to leave his mark on the court. In a recent interview with YSN, Pryor expressed his anticipation for his senior year, emphasizing his team’s goal to win a district championship and his personal aspiration to play college basketball.

Pryor, known for his sharpshooting abilities, is determined to elevate his game and improve on his defensive skills to contribute more effectively to the team. He also acknowledged the significance of his close-knit senior teammates and the invaluable support from their new coach, Coach Marv, a former college basketball player.

In the interview, Pryor also credited his parents and a Navy Seal as his role models, attributing their guidance and perseverance as sources of motivation. His determination to make the most of his senior year reflects his desire to avoid the regrets of missed opportunities, serving as a driving force behind his efforts on the court.

With a strong sense of purpose and a passion for the game, Pryor is poised to lead his team to success this season. As he prepares for his future beyond high school, he remains focused on making the most of his basketball career and realizing his dreams at the collegiate level.

As Ernest Pryor’s senior season unfolds, it’s clear that his dedication to the sport and his team will continue to define his legacy at Orange High School.