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COLUMBIANA, OH-  Renowned YSN photographer, Gary Leininger, recently sat down with DJ Yokley for a candid interview on the YSN Power Hour. Leininger, known affectionately as the “fly” shared insights into his passion for capturing sports moments, his involvement with the YSN family, and his deep connections within the Salem community.

Leininger’s journey with YSN began with a simple offer to help during a signing in Salem. From there, a strong friendship and working relationship blossomed. He expressed his unwavering commitment to YSN, emphasizing that he doesn’t do it for financial gain but rather for the love of showcasing high school athletes’ accomplishments and the positive impact it has on the community.

The conversation shed light on Leininger’s early interest in photography, which stemmed from his high school days. He shared captivating anecdotes from various sporting events, including interactions with iconic figures like Bill Cowher and Albert Belle. Leininger also touched on his favorite assignments, such as shooting state championships and memorable moments from Browns and Indians games.

Beyond sports, Leininger’s commitment to family and community shone through. He highlighted the importance of family time and shared heartwarming experiences with his grandchildren, Jack and Ellie. Moreover, as the proud owner of Lisbon’s Dairy Queen, he expressed how his family instilled the value of hospitality and community engagement in him.

Leininger’s dedication to his craft was evident as he discussed the meticulous art of sports photography. He offered insight into overcoming challenges, such as sifting through thousands of pictures to capture the perfect shots, and his ongoing quest to innovate and capture unique moments from diverse sporting events.

The interview provided a glimpse into Leininger’s impact as a photographer and a cherished member of the YSN family. His enduring dedication to preserving the essence of high school sports through his lens continues to amplify the YSN experience.

Gary Leininger’s journey stands as a testament to the power of passion, community, and the art of storytelling through photography.

For more of Gary Leininger’s captivating sports photography, be sure to visit YSN’s SmugMug page (ysn.smugmug.com) and immerse yourself in the magic of every captured moment.