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In the sport of volleyball, few positions require the level of precision, trust, and leadership as that of a setter. Helaina Edgar, the senior setter for the Jefferson volleyball team, not only embodies these qualities but has elevated them to an art form throughout her high school career. As she enters her senior season, the rewards for her unwavering dedication are finally manifesting.

One cannot talk about Edgar’s journey without highlighting her remarkable achievement of becoming Jefferson’s all-time leader in assists. With an impressive 1,778 assists under her belt and counting, Edgar has rightfully earned the title of the Jefferson assist Queen. Her ability to orchestrate the offense and provide her teammates with scoring opportunities is second to none.

At the heart of a setter’s success lies the crucial bond and trust between them and their hitters. Helaina Edgar has mastered this relationship, knowing precisely how to bring out the best in each of her teammates. Her innate understanding of their strengths and preferences on the court is a testament to her exceptional volleyball IQ. This trust and chemistry on the team are invaluable and contribute significantly to Jefferson’s success.

In her senior season, Edgar is once again demonstrating her prowess on the court, having already tallied an impressive 500 assists. What’s more remarkable is her trajectory, as she is on pace to surpass her junior season total, marking her best statistical performance yet. To achieve this, she’ll need 671 assists, a target that appears well within reach for the Jefferson star.

Helaina Edgar’s contributions have been vital to Jefferson’s success this season. The team currently boasts an impressive 14-2 record, positioning them among the top teams in the competitive CVC. If they continue their stellar performance, they have a real chance to surpass last season’s 19-win mark, setting the stage for a memorable senior year for their exceptional setter, Helaina Edgar.

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