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Ashtabula, OH- In a hard-fought battle on the court, the St. John Heralds clashed with the Horizon Dragons, resulting in a final score of 67-78. The Dragons managed to secure the victory after an intense matchup that saw both teams giving their all.

Quarter Scores:

  • St. John Heralds: 13 | 17 | 23 | 14 = 67
  • Horizon Dragons: 13 | 24 | 22 | 19 = 78

Player Stats – St. John Heralds:

  • Anthony Severino: 26 points
  • Vin Narducci: 20 points
  • Anthony Petrochello: 8 points
  • Brady Cole: 6 points
  • AJ Henslee: 4 points
  • Don Crawford: 3 points

Player Stats – Horizon Dragons:

  • Raymond Jones: 24 points
  • TyShawn Ward: 15 points
  • Dejuan Bybee: 15 points
  • Jaleel Darries: 10 points
  • Geonni Adams: 8 points
  • Damorion Smeadly: 6 points

Despite the efforts of Anthony Severino and Vin Narducci, who contributed significantly with 26 and 20 points respectively for the Heralds, the Dragons managed to maintain the lead throughout the game. Raymond Jones led the Dragons with an impressive 24 points, supported by TyShawn Ward and Dejuan Bybee, each contributing 15 points.

Upcoming Matches:

  • The St. John Heralds (1-7) will be back on their home court to face the Chalker Wildcats (2-7) on 1/12/24. The Wildcats, coming off a tough loss to the Badger Braves (64-34), will be looking to bounce back.
  • The Horizon Dragons (3-5) are scheduled for a home game on 1/12/24 against the East Tech Scarabs. The Scarabs are fresh from a close encounter with the Beachwood Bison (61-55).

Both teams will be aiming to turn the tide in their upcoming matchups, hoping to build momentum as the season progresses. As the Heralds look to improve their record, and the Dragons aim to climb the ranks, basketball fans can anticipate more thrilling action on the court.



Ashtabula, OH-

In a thrilling display of skill and teamwork, the St. John Heralds secured a resounding victory against the Horizon Dragons, showcasing their dominance in every quarter of the game. The final scoreline reflected the Heralds’ prowess as they outscored the Dragons, finishing at 62-28.

Game Breakdown

First Quarter

The Heralds set the tone early in the game, establishing a lead with a score of 9-2. Alyssa Cevera led the charge with her impressive offensive play, contributing to the team’s early advantage.

Second Quarter

The momentum continued to swing in favor of the Heralds during the second quarter, where they outscored the Dragons 23-16. Grace DiSalvatore and Mickey Zheng emerged as key contributors, adding crucial points to extend the lead.

Third Quarter

The Heralds maintained their intensity in the third quarter, adding 21 more points to their tally. The Dragons struggled to contain the offensive onslaught, with the Heralds displaying remarkable teamwork. Alyssa Cevera, Grace DiSalvatore, and Mickey Zheng continued to shine on the court.

Fourth Quarter

Despite the game being well in hand, the Heralds didn’t let up in the final quarter. They closed out the match with a 9-5 run, securing an impressive 62-28 victory.

Player Stats

St. John Heralds:

  • Alyssa Cevera: 22 points
  • Grace DiSalvatore: 14 points
  • Mickey Zheng: 13 points
  • Caitlyn Carney: 4 points
  • Alexa Jordan: 2 points
  • Josyln Petro: 2 points
  • Rayah Spencer: 2 points
  • Izzy Holler: 2 points
  • Olivia Sposito: 1 point

Horizon Dragons:

  • Tydia Ward: 16 points
  • Don Ellis: 5 points
  • Zyon Jadaron: 5 points
  • Raniya Walker: 2 points

Upcoming Games

The St. John Heralds (3-7) are set to face the Lordstown Red Devils (0-11) on 1/11/24. The Red Devils, coming off a challenging loss, will be looking to bounce back. Meanwhile, the Horizon Dragons (1-5) will take on the Andrews Osborne Phoenix on the same date. The Phoenix, fresh from a defeat, will aim to turn their fortunes around against the Dragons


Conneaut, OH- In an exciting home opener, the Conneaut Spartans emerged victorious against the Horizon Science Academy Dragons with a final score of 66-54. The Spartans showcased a dominant performance throughout the game, securing their lead in each quarter.

The first quarter set the tone for the game, with Conneaut taking a narrow lead of 12-11. However, they quickly built momentum in the second quarter, outscoring the Dragons 35-20. The Spartans continued their impressive offensive and defensive efforts in the third quarter, extending their lead to 54-33. Despite a resilient effort from the Horizon Science Academy in the final quarter, Conneaut maintained control, securing the win with a final score of 66-54.

Key contributors to Conneaut’s success was led by dynamic senior sharpshooter Chance Loomis with an outstanding 27 points, followed by Jordan Kulko with 16 points and JR Hutchinson with 10 points. Other players, including Noah Hamm, Aiden Goudge, Hamilton Spero, and Cole Stump, also made valuable contributions to the team’s total of 66 points.

On the opposing side, the Horizon Science Academy Dragons fought hard, with notable performances from Jaleel Perries, who led the team with 14 points, and Dejuan Bybee, who contributed 11 points. Despite their efforts, the Dragons were unable to overcome Conneaut’s strong performance.

Looking ahead, the Conneaut Spartans (1-0) are gearing up for another home game against the Northwestern Wildcats (0-1) on 12/06/23. The Wildcats, coming off a tough loss to the Lakeview (PA) Sailors, will be eager to bounce back. Meanwhile, the Horizon Science Academy Dragons (0-3) will have a chance to regroup as they prepare for their next home game against the Lawrence Upper Lions (0-0) on 12/05/23.