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CANFIELD OH- If you’ve been around South Range athletics in the last five years there’s a good bet you’ve seen Kalie Luklan in the stands, or even on the bench.  Kalie has proven just how much one of these strong high school communities like South Range can make you feel at home.  She has relayed that to her student athletes, and now students in her gym ten times over as Luklan goes the extra mile to make sure the students she works with feel supported.

Luklan did not start out as a teacher at South Range. Her journey began as a junior high coach. It was set into motion by former boys basketball coach John Cullen who Kalie knew from her time at Canfield. Cullen saw something in Kalie that told him that she would be an excellent coach. What can you say? Coach Cullen’s intuition hit the nail on the head. Luklan quickly became a coach that every varsity coach seemed to want on their staff. Whether it was girls basketball, volleyball, or even some track Luklan got her hands on it all, and made impressions with everyone she worked with. Now that South Range had the hooks in her, she went on to become an even bigger member of the family accepting a faculty job at the school.

As a teacher and a coach Luklan proves to her students that she cares about them way after they leave her gym.  Whether it’s going to their sporting events, checking out their school plays, or coaching them in their sport, Kalie has a way of naming kids feel special.  That has become evermore important as students deal with the stress that comes with being a kid, which seems to be more complicated every year.

Luklan took the time to come on an interview with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to talk about why supporting her kids is so important. They talk about her journey to South Range, some of her favorite sports memories, and so much more. Check out this exclusive interview only on YSN!

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