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BOARDMAN, OH- In a nail-biting showdown that kept fans on the edge of their seats, the Boardman High School girls’ basketball team clinched a remarkable victory over the Austintown Fitch Falcons, emerging triumphant with a 56-44 win in overtime. The Spartans showcased resilience, determination, and skill, securing their fifth consecutive win in a season marked by outstanding performances.

The game unfolded as a fierce battle from the outset, with both teams demonstrating their prowess on the court. Despite facing a challenging deficit of three points with merely 30 seconds remaining, the Spartans refused to concede defeat. Mackenzie Riccitelli, a standout player of the evening, stepped up under pressure, sinking a crucial free throw. However, it was her remarkable playmaking ability that stole the spotlight, as she delivered a flawless no-look pass to Sarah Bero, igniting fervor among the Boardman faithful and forcing the game into overtime.

The overtime period witnessed a dominant display from the Spartans, who outscored the Falcons 16-4, ultimately sealing a commanding 12-point victory. Riccitelli’s performance was nothing short of spectacular, as she matched her career-high with 28 points while contributing 6 assists, 6 rebounds, and 4 steals, showcasing her versatility and impact on the court.

Sarah Bero complemented Riccitelli’s stellar performance with 10 points and an impressive 8 rebounds, exemplifying the Spartans’ depth and resilience as a team. M.C. Werth displayed her scoring prowess, tallying 9 points, including a pivotal three-pointer, while Ava Freeborough and Sam Duble made significant contributions from beyond the arc, adding 6 and 3 points respectively to the scoreboard.

Notably, Mikayla Rivera and Tori Strines provided crucial minutes off the bench, underscoring the team’s collective effort and unity in pursuit of victory. With this triumph, the Spartans enhance their season record to an impressive 13-4, reaffirming their status as a force to be reckoned with in the AAC.

For Fitch, Senior Destanie McCollough led the Lady Falcons with 11 points with Kylie Folkwein scoring 10. Rachel Spalding chipped in with 7 while seniors Ayla Ray and Lannie Henning each finished with 5. Kaelyn Bower and Dasiyia Donlow had 3 points apiece to round out the scoring.

Looking ahead, the Boardman girls’ basketball team remains focused and determined as they prepare for their upcoming encounter against East High School on Monday night. As they hit the road once again, the Spartans are poised to continue their winning streak, fueled by the passion, dedication, and unwavering support of their fans.