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YOUNGSTOWN OH- Ursuline is a softball program that is loaded with talent. You’d be hard pressed to find a name that doesn’t excel at the sport. Behind the dish for the Irish is one of the better catchers you’ll find in the district. Maddie Miklandric takes a ton of pride in her defense as a catcher. Because of that, she has become what you might call a brick wall at the backstop.

Miklandric has always been a good framer. She didn’t take long to pick up the skill of stealing some strikes from time to time. All though if you ask her it wouldn’t be theft at all. This season, Maddie wanted to improve her blocking ability. With a pitching staff as good as the Irish, Miklandric wanted to be trustworthy for anyone that stepped in the circle. Another key part to being a catcher is building a strong chemistry with the pitchers. You can check that off of Maddie’s list. She has a bond with the arms of the Ursuline bullpen that rivals the best in the business.

Miklandric caught up with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig this week to discuss her final season in Ursuline. They also talk about her plans for the future, her competitive drive, and so much more. Make the right choice by checking out the latest Ursuline softball player profile.

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