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STATE COLLEGE PA- Every softball player has dreams of playing in the power 5 conferences. To have a legitimate chance to go out and compete for a championship in Oklahoma City. Only a small chosen few get to see themselves on that type of roster. Fitch grad Lydia Spalding has just that opportunity. All of her lessons that she gathered at Fitch have her ready to compete in the Big10.

Over the weekend, Lydia got her first collegiate strikeout against Buffalo. It is the first of many, we can be confident of that. Spalding has the perfect chance to learn from two tremendous senior pitchers at Penn State in Bailey Parshall, and Kylee Lingenfelter. Parshall already has thrown a perfect game this season. Lydia is going to soak up all she can while she can from her team’s great leaders in the circle.

Spalding has come a long way. She owes so much of where she is now to what she went through while at Fitch. She was coach by a coach in Steven award who does a tremendous job in promoting his athletes and putting them in positions to be seen by college coaches. He also puts together an incredible schedule that forces his players to be at their best every time out. Spalding has seen a plethora of amazing hitters in the circle just in her high school career. That experience can not be put into value. It will make the transition into pitching against a power 5 lineup a little less of a jump.

We had a chance to catch up with Lydia Spalding during her busy in season schedule to talk about her journey, and experience so far as a Nittany Lion. Be sure to check out Lydia and Penn State this weekend as they’ll be streamed on the ACC Network against Georgia Tech. If you want to see her play close to home, Penn State will be at Pittsburgh on March 16th. In the meantime, join us in catching up with Fitch’s own Lydia Spalding in this exclusive interview only on YSN.

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