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ASHTABULA OH- In the world of volleyball, the libero position is often synonymous with defense, and at Lakeside High School, Tess Collins has epitomized what it means to be a defensive leader. As a senior libero for the Lakeside Dragons, Tess has not only embraced this vital role but has excelled in it, earning a reputation as one of the best leaders her team has ever seen.

Tess’s journey as a libero began with a genuine love for the position. She understood that, as the last line of defense, her role was crucial in keeping her team’s hopes alive. Over the years, this affection for the libero position has grown into a deep passion and dedication that defines her on the court.

Tess’s statistics over the years only confirm what her teammates and fans already know—she’s an exceptional talent on the volleyball court. In 2022, she finished the season as the second-highest digger on her team, amassing a remarkable 332 digs with an astonishingly low error rate of just two digging errors throughout the season. Her average of 3.8 digs per set highlighted her consistency in the role.

But Tess isn’t just about defense. She’s a well-rounded player who contributes across the board. In 2022, she notched 53 service aces, showcasing her ability to contribute to both ends of the game. Her 69 assists demonstrated her versatility, and she led the team in serve receives with an impressive 473.

The 2023 season is proving to be another remarkable chapter in Tess’s career. Through eight matches, she’s already amassed 98 digs, averaging an impressive 4.7 per set. Remarkably, she has yet to make a single digging error. Her 161 serve receives are a testament to her reliability, with only 14 serve receive errors on her record. Tess has also contributed 13 aces, showing that she’s continually elevating her game.

Tess attributes much of her success to her mom, who has provided her with unwavering support and guidance throughout her volleyball journey. Beyond volleyball, Tess has set her sights on a future career as a nurse, aspiring to follow in her mother’s footsteps. While Tess remains undecided about whether college volleyball will be a part of her journey, one thing is clear: her dedication, leadership, and exceptional skills on the court will continue to leave a lasting legacy at Lakeside High School.

Tess sat down with YSN’s Anthony Hartwig to talk about her career at Lakeside. They discuss how much she’s put into the sport, her future plans, and much more. Check out the latest Lakeside Volleyball Player Profile only on YSN!

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