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YOUNGSTOWN, OH- In a resounding victory, the Chaney High School Cowboys asserted their dominance at home, triumphing over the Academy for Urban Scholars Hawks with a final score of 80-28. The Cowboys showcased a stellar performance, with key players making significant contributions to secure the win.

The Cowboys set the tone early, establishing a commanding lead in the first quarter with a score of 16-4. This early advantage proved crucial as Chaney continued to build on its momentum throughout the game.

Dewayne Thompson emerged as a standout player for the Cowboys, leading the team with an impressive 14 points. His scoring prowess played a pivotal role in Chaney’s offensive strategy, creating opportunities and keeping the scoreboard ticking.

Additionally, Cliff Scott and Asaunte Mickel made significant contributions on the boards, with both players securing 7 rebounds each. Their presence in the paint and ability to control the boards provided the Cowboys with valuable second-chance opportunities.

The Cowboys displayed remarkable teamwork and cohesion, with a balanced scoring effort evident in the box scores. Chaney’s consistent offensive output in each quarter underscored their offensive efficiency and strategic approach to the game.

The victory not only adds to Chaney High School’s successful season but also serves as a testament to the team’s commitment, skill, and collective effort. The Cowboys’ ability to control the pace of the game and execute on both ends of the court positions them as a formidable force in their league.

Chaney High School:16 | 24 | 21 | 19

 Academy for Urban Scholars: 4 | 3 | 5 | 16