EAST PALESTINE, OH- On a snowy night in February, the weather shut down all athletic events and put YSN at a standstill.

That was until we decided to pair up athletes in our area to compete against each other in Madden ’22 and talk about their journeys, their teams, coaches, and maybe a little trash along the way.

Hubbard’s Nick Bowser picked up the sticks against South Range’s JD Crouse for a little 1v1 with a moderator along the way.

YSN’s DJ Yokley reffed the battle of the NE8 rivals, as they took to the gridiron with a random draw, and then battled Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland for bragging rights.

Check out the inaugural episode of our e-Sports programming in the YSN Maddenbowl: Hubbard vs. South Range


LEETONIA, OH- In the ever-changing world of athletics, you’ll have an ongoing interest in major sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, and baseball.  However, leadership in Leetonia is progressively pushing toward a new evolution in sports we have come to know as “E-Sports.”

With the concerns with injury and COVID-19, Leetonia is now in their second year of participation in e-sports with last year’s team competing in Fortnite where they went 6-1, while the 2021 teams compete in Rocket League and have yet to be defeated.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Tucker Stark, Tim Finch, and Mikey Monahan to discuss some of the great things they’re doing and ground that’s being broken for the future of e-sports in the Mahoning Valley.