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I know, I am a week behind. My sincerest apologies on that one. I fully intended to have a blog ready for last week and then some issues popped up and I was unable to get it done. But no worries for I am back this week with a new exciting full of adventure tale of well…….stuff. So enough of my nonsense, onward to a new adventure!


Was I the only one who missed this 40 yard dash thing between Quinn and DJ? Cause like seriously I had no idea this even happened. Today on Power Hour I got filled in on how the whole thing went down. So let me break down a recap based on the info I got. Quinn challenged DJ to this race, DJ accepted and they set the stage for the field on EP high school. Quinn, as usual, was running late and somehow was not prepared. He ended up running without shoes, WHO DOES THAT? Anyway Quinn slips or so he says and DJ is victorious, and somehow is the 40 yard dash champion. That’s the skinny on that whole thing. Well now it appears DJ has a new challenger in our COO (not Triple H, but that would be so cool) Paul Munson. This challenge went down on Power Hour today. But during this whole exchange it got me thinking, how does Paul call in and suddenly become the number 1 contender for the 40 yard dash title? From what i have been told this Mr. Munson has hardly ever been to YSN studio, so I spoke up and asked this very question. Now it appears it will be me challenging Mr. Munson for the right to challenge DJ for this title.


Before I go any further let me say I was not prepared for this in any way shape or form. But being the competitor I am, I am going to accept this because I will not stop until I climb to the top of the mountain and become the 40 yard dash champion, which suddenly has been added to the top of my bucket list. I have laid out the challenge and begun training for this title chase. I offer some words to Mr. Munson in an attached video you will find with this week’s blog. Which brings me to this week’s hashtag. You have two options here, and I hope you pick the right one, but pick one nonetheless. If you think i can win this 40 yard dash then #TeamRick is what you want, and if for some reason you think Mr. Munson can beat me feel free to use #TeamMunson. Again I would trust everyone to make the right decision here and use the correct hashtag until this race has concluded. 


I am sure by now everyone has seen the video of me running my practice 40 in the YSN parking lot today. I must say I was quite amused with the commentary as you can clearly hear some unnamed people in the background claiming they didn’t think I would be as fast as I was. I was quite satisfied with my performance today as i have not really run like that in probably over a year. The biggest victory I took away from that was my knees were pain free and that was the biggest question mark since I have had both of them operated on. Don’t worry folks, i am not gonna let you down in this race. This old man still has some gas left in the tank, wait and see.


So I want to switch gears for a minute here tonight and pay homage to a few people in my life that within the past few weeks have passed on. As I mentioned earlier in the blog I was unable to provide a blog last week, and that was due to my cousin passing away. My cousin Joe who battled cancer for quite some time was unable to win his fight, and passed away last thursday. Joe was a legend in the independent wrestling scene in PA for a very long time. I started learning from him when I was 14. I used to travel with him to shows and he taught me a lot about a business I have loved for a very long time. Through him I was able to be involved with that business and I also met a few very awesome people who to this day I still talk to. I have been in talks with some people and we would like to put a memorial show together in his honor, and I decided for that show that I would get back into the ring one more time, for him. There isn’t enough room or time in this blog to fully explain what kind of impact he had on my life, so maybe i’ll save it for another time. Rest easy Joe-fu. 


So there we go, another eventful writing venture down. Another week another new hashtag created (remember the correct one is #TeamRick) and as always thanks for reading. Now we wait for an answer from Munson!!!!!!!


YSN’s Rick Dailey

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