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GIRARD OH- Girard senior Abbie Rafferty is a perfect example of doing whatever it takes to lead your team. She has built such a huge trust in her coach Phil Walters, that when he moved her to right back this season she accepted it, and dove in to being the best she could be in that position. Rafferty is known for her defense, and that’s exactly what she brings to this volleyball team. Not a lot of people talk about Girard’s defense.  They get overshadowed by the Indians incredible firepower on offense. However, if you know volleyball you know that all the great hitters in the world don’t mean much if you can’t get the ball to the setter. Girard is in system way more than they aren’t, and Rafferty leading the way is a big reason why. The multiple sport athlete is spending her season soaking in everything she can while she can. She doesn’t plan to play sports in college, so this will be it. You know we had to take our last chance to shine a light on this tremendous senior leader.

Abbie was gracious enough to take time to sit down with Anthony Hartwig this week. They talk about what it’s like going through her senior year knowing it’s her last, future goals and much more. Don’t miss a chance to hear from the latest Girard Volleyball Player Profile only on YSN!

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