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CANFIELD OH- Defense is one of the most overlooked aspects of volleyball. While everyone swoons over the attacks, and the kills, they tend to forget that those kills can’t happen without a good pass to get the offense in system. That fact makes a team’s back row extremely important. There are many players that specialize in defense. They’re sole focus is passing and digging. One of those types of stars is Canfield’s Senior Alanna Lawson.

Lawson takes a ton of pride in her ability to lock down the Cardinals back row. It had taken a strong and unbreakable work ethic to be able to take swings from some of the hardest hitting athletes inside the AAC and consistently get the ball up on target. A lot of kills that Canfield get is probably set up by a nice pass from Alanna Lawson.  With her, and fellow senior Parker Wilkins patrolling the back line it will be tough for any team to find the floor against the Cardinals.

Lawson was able to hop on to YSN’s Running Point this week to talk about her final campaign in Canfield. She talks to Richie Juliano and Anthony Hartwig about her relationship with Wilkins, the work she’s put in at her craft, and much more. Stick with the Cardinals and check out the latest Canfield Volleyball Player Profile only on YSN.

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