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CANFIELD, OH – The Canfield Cardinals football team is one of those teams that have truly bought into the idea of brotherhood and playing as one team instead of as individuals and because of that, they are currently in the regional finals of the 2020 OHSAA state playoffs. This brotherhood has been started years ago for this senior class and has only gotten stronger as time went on and now all of the sudden, they are seniors and playing each game like it is their last!

This senior leadership is a collective group effort, not just single person leadership, and one of those leaders is Alex Schneider. Alex has been able to take on many roles this season for the Cardinals, both on and off the football field. On the field, he is a wide receiver and has made countless big plays whether it is diving for a catch in the end zone for a touchdown or making a huge block on the edge to spring one of his teammates free for a big gain. Off the field, Alex has proven he can be a vocal leader to get his squad ready to go and bring the juice needed to energize everyone even when they seem tired.

YSN’s own, Steve Leslie, was able to sit down with Alex this week via video chat to get his thoughts about the football season so far, what his goals are the rest of the season, what it has been like to be a Canfield Cardinal during his football career, what his plans are for after college, a rapid fire question session about some things people might not know about him, and much much more!

Take some time today to find out all about the Canfield Cardinals star senior, Alex Schneider, in this exclusive player profile!