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BERLIN CENTER, OH- Angel Cappabianca, a prominent figure in the Western Reserve basketball team, sat down for an intimate conversation with the YSN podcast host, DJ Yokley. During the discussion, Cappabianca shed light on her personal life, her role in the team, and her ambitious career aspirations.
Coming from a family that holds a special place in her heart, Cappabianca spoke about the significance of having a supportive and loving family, emphasizing that they are always there for her, providing unwavering support and guidance. Clearly, her family plays a substantial role in shaping her character and her approach to life.

When asked about her parents’ influence on her, Cappabianca mentioned that she draws inspiration from her dad’s centered and calm nature and her mom’s caring demeanor, which are qualities she consciously tries to embody both on and off the basketball court. Her composed presence on the court and her nurturing attitude towards her teammates is a testament to this.

Cappabianca shared her excitement about her recent position switch in the team, expressing her determination to meet and exceed her coach’s expectations. She described her primary role as “to rebound, run, shoot the ball, and keep going as a cycle,” demonstrating her commitment to contributing to the team’s success.

Beyond her athletic endeavors, Cappabianca revealed her plans for the future, expressing her ambition to pursue a pre-law program and ultimately obtain a law degree. Her passion for law stems from her upbringing and familial influence, as she grew up surrounded by individuals passionate about criminal justice.
In a light-hearted moment, Cappabianca discussed her leisure activities, revealing her penchant for re-watching her favorite shows and diverse musical interests, ranging from country artists like Morgan Wallen to R&B sensation Frank Ocean.

When prompted about her role models, Cappabianca unequivocally cited her father as her top inspiration, emphasizing his wise counsel and the influence he has on her decisions.

Overall, Angel Cappabianca’s interview offered a peek into the life of a hardworking athlete with a deep-rooted sense of family, a passion for basketball, and ambitious aspirations for her academic and professional future. As she continues to make her mark on and off the court, her journey is undoubtedly one to follow with keen interest.