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BERLIN CENTER OH- A lot of people forget just how important a middle blocker can be to a team. Not only are the leader of the defense of the net, but when you’re in system they are a great first option for the setter.  Western Reserve has a remarkable middle blocker in Angelina Cappabianca. She’s been able to sponge from the middles that have come before her, and now she’s raised her level of game to a master level.

Cappabianca is thriving in her leadership position this season.  It is the reason the Blue Devils are such a strong competitor not just in the MVAC, but in the Division IV district.  It’s tough to contend with a team with a powerful middle blocker. It allows their offense to run faster then most defenses are able to move.  Angelina has spent so long mastering her craft, and now it is time to pay it off.

Cappabianca took the time to come on to YSN’s Running Point earlier this week to talk about her season. She talks with DJ Yokley and Anthony Hartwig about being a leader, the things she has learned from hitters of the past, and so much more.  Check in with Western Reserve Volleyball with the latest Player Profile only on YSN.

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