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CAMPBELL, OH – Arianna Gonzalez and Rayona Floyd-Brown are rising stars in the world of cheerleading, both embarking on their journey as freshman members of the Campbell Memorial cheerleading squad. Both ladies share an innate passion for athleticism and a flair for the spirited, Arianna and Rayona quickly made their presence known on the squad. Arianna, with her personality and boundless energy, brings an infectious enthusiasm to every game and event. Her dedication to perfecting her routines and uplifting her teammates has made her an essential part of the squad’s success. On the other hand, Rayona’s grace and precision are nothing short of extraordinary. Her commitment to training and her ability to inspire confidence in her fellow cheerleaders has earned her the admiration and respect of the entire squad. Together, Arianna Gonzalez and Rayona Floyd-Brown are the embodiment of teamwork, spirit, and talent, setting the bar high for what’s to come in their promising cheerleading careers at Campbell Memorial.